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Story Plot

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Story Plot

Post by Guest on 10th June 2014, 1:22 pm

I have a story idea that I want to run by everyone here on the muse. This is for anyone who has seen the most recent disney princess film, Frozen. If you haven't seen the film, stop reading, spoilers ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Okay, so my story idea is titled Fire and Ice and shares a great deal of background into one of Prince Hans' brothers.

Prince Franz is the older than Hans by two years and is the second youngest brother of thirteen brothers. Hans has never met him, but has heard about him. When Franz was three years old, he was cursed by an evil witch, to posses the power of Fire and accidentally burned down the entire forest. When his parents discovered what had happened, they feared for the safety of The Southern Isles and sent him to live with monks so that he might be able to control his gift. They would visit him every year for his birthday, but he never saw any of his brothers. When his parents die in an accident, the newly crowned King Alfons, the eldest of the thirteen brothers, sends for Franz to come home, unaware of his powers. When Franz arrives back at the kingdom, Hans is gone. Alfons believes that Hans has run away, but they are unsure of where. Alfons and the other brothers notice that Franz secludes himself in his room, only making official appearances if needed. When the french dignitary arrives in The Southern Isles with Hans in chains, Alfons is disgusted by his behavior and decides to pen an official apology to the Queen of Arrendale. Franz, upon hearing about the Queen's powers, offers to deliver the apology in person and show the Queen that there are no hard feelings between the two countries. He travels to Arrendale, where the kingdom is planning the upcoming wedding of Princess Anna and Kristoff. Anna invites Franz to stay for the wedding and he agrees. However, A sinister plot is in motion when The Duke of Weasletown hires an assassin to murder the Queen of Arrendale. After some failed attempts, Franz is accused of trying to kill the Queen. Anna knows he is innocent and it is up to her, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven to find the real killer and save Arrendale and Franz.

Please tell me if this sounds like a good story to put on fanfiction.net

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Re: Story Plot

Post by Tyler on 12th June 2014, 1:55 pm

It certainly sounds interesting. You should definitely write the story and publish it to FF.net. Razz I got forced into watching that movie with some of the kids I babysit, so I know of the plot at least. It'd be kind of interesting playing off Hans' thirteen brothers like that.



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Re: Story Plot

Post by Guest on 14th June 2014, 11:29 am

I am glad you think it sounds interesting. I was wondering what happened to Hans and then the story idea came to me.

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Re: Story Plot

Post by Sponsored content

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