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Hide & Seek (Anthology of Ares & Persephone)

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Hide & Seek (Anthology of Ares & Persephone)

Post by Niemand on 8th March 2018, 10:59 pm

Semi-Canon compliant up until The Titan's Curse of Percy Jackson & The Olympians. Very loosely based on the series but derives more from the Greek Mythology and all its histories and reincarnations.


  • ARES - Niemand
  • PERSEPHONE - Holly

Revolves around Ares and Persephone's mutual attraction and interest in each other. What comes from it and how they  poorly go about it. Their continual aggravation of the other and involving themselves in machinations sometimes not of their own making. All while the threat of the Olympians possible demise.

This plot is CLOSED to Niemand & Holly


  • We Tread the Icy Path Slowly and Cautiously - Ares had come to the Underworld to 'borrow' his uncle's puppy. Comes across Persephone instead.
  • We Have to Stop Meeting Like This - Ares travels to the Underworld to retrieve some Lethe Water. Persephone feeling something amiss had gone for a walk and discovered the war god.
  • Turn About is Fairplay - Persephone comes to Ares' room in Olympus to retrieve what he took from the Underworld and fails.
  • Cat+Mouse - Ares taunts Persephone and their game becomes more personal.
  • After the Fact - After their personal time together, Persephone finds out Ares' hand in one of her husband's plots.
  • Unresolved Issues - Ares and Persephone try to discuss what is between them and what Ares has put in motion. Nothing gets resolved.
  • A Fine Frenzy - Persephone calls for Ares after having to deal with the aftermath of her husband's children exposed his presence to the Olympians. Ares doesn't appreciate it and is non-cooperative then decided to cut and run because of misunderstandings.
  • Hide & Seek - Ares sulks and Persephone pursues him, intent on giving him a piece of her mind. Ares has a meltdown causing Persephone to flee. More misunderstandings.
  • Turn the Page - Persephone seeks Ares out after the Olympian council is finished. She asks for help in dealing with a mistake to which he agrees to help her.


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