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Evangeline Faye

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Evangeline Faye

Post by Foxxfire on 7th March 2018, 1:52 am



Full Name:
Evangeline Atropos Faye
Age: Fifteen
Date of birth:  December 8th 1981
Birthplace: Edinburgh, England
Current home: Edinburgh, England
Blood Status:   Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Vine, Phoenix feather core, 12 inches


Hair colour and style: Black, long, sometimes straight, and sometime curly.
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'3
Body type: Fit
Dress sense: Anything a Pureblood Lady would wear.
Birthmarks: None
Tattoos: None
Scars: None
Piercings: Both her ears.


 - Reading ( Eva loves reading and learning new things. She is positive that knowledge brings power, and power is very important.)
 - Travelling (She is a free spirit who likes to explore.)
- Music (Every Lady must know how to play the Piano, but Eva didn't stop there. She also learned how to play the Violin, because, according to her, her pain can be expressed better.)
- Deep conversations
- Animals ~ Especially cats ( She considers them extremely intelligent and adorable.)
- Boys (Like -almost- every girl, she loves a good looking male. It's part of her evolving after all.)
- Attention (Sometimes, just sometimes, she is seeking a little too much attention. She likes to be worshiped by the people in her life.)
- Potions (It's fascinating to her.)
- Flying
- Singing (Evangeline is a Lady of Art. And like every Pureblood girl, she has developed a lot of talents in Music.)
- Chess

 - Ignorance (Eva does not put up with being ignored, or ignorance of any level. If you wanna be part of her life, you will pay attention.)
 - Nosy people (Eva is quite the private person. After all, this is what she has been taught. Speak little, know a lot.)
- Losing (Eva is good -or so she believes- at everything she is doing. So losing is not on her list.)
- Pureblood stereotypes (Secretly, she doesn't see a difference in blood.)
- Social gatherings (She might be a Pureblood Lady, but being a social butterfly was never something Eva liked.)
- Darkness (In every sense of the word.)
- Her brother

  - Appreciative (She will never forget what you have done for her, and she will be there for you. As long as you stand by her side, she will stand by yours.)
- Determined (She will achieve anything she has set her eyes upon.)
- Disciplined
- Independent (Eva can handle herself just fine, unless she has to deal with her brother. She hasn't found the courage to stand up to him yet.)

 - Stubborn (If it's in her head, you won't get it out.)
 - Shy (On situations.)
 - Overthinking

Positive traits:
 - Caring (Eva loves the people she chooses to have in her life. She will never give up on them.)
- Intelligent
- Visionary (She is always dreaming of something better.)

Negative traits:
 - Straight forward (She, sometimes, find it difficult to hold her tongue. According to her mother, that is preposterous.)
- Expressing Feelings (It's a disaster.)
 - Perfectionist (To the point it's annoying.)


Evangeline was born in the Faye family on December the 8th of 1981.  She was the second child of the family, but still as loved as her older brother.  From a young age, Eva was forced to learn the etiquette and the ways of a Pureblood. Her father, though, insisted that she should be living as much of her childhood as she possibly could, before she got dragged into brunches and Balls. And because of that, Evangeline, for the most part, spent the days playing with her brother, Nathaniel.

The older she got, though, the more she started to notice that there was something off. Her brother grew distant, and every time she tried to ask him why, Nathan would speak harshly, hurting her feelings. Eva's mother would reassure her that it was just the pressure that was placed upon him and their father, but Evangeline knew there was something deeper than that. Something that she had yet to discover.

This chasm that was created only grew, causing the siblings to lose the intimacy they once had. Evangeline had Lessons to attend to, and when she was free, she preferred to lock herself in the Library of the Mansion, or in their Music Room, practicing. But Nathan, wanting to prove how much stronger and smarter here was, made sure to always hunt her down. Get her in trouble and keep reminding her that no matter what she does, he would always be better. More powerful. More important.

When Nathan's letter arrived, informing him that he had been accepted to Hogwarts,  her family arranged a Ball, in order to celebrate. Evangeline was happy Nathan would leave the House. At least, for two more Years, she would be free of his presence for nine months. Except the Holidays, of course. He would always come back for those, and Eva hated it. Hated him. The news that he had been sorted into Slytherin reached them in no time. The young witch still remembered the proud look on her father's face. It made her wonder whether he would be ever be just as proud for her.

Two years later, Evangeline's letter arrived. The young witch was so worried that she wouldn't be able to make it alone, especially in such a big school. Where Nathan could find her anytime and hurt her. But her mother kept reassuring her that it was nothing. When had she ever understood how her daughter felt, anyway? On the train to Hogwarts, Evangeline sat alone in a compartment, hoping her brother wouldn't find her. Thankfully, he didn't.

The Sorting Ceremony was fun. Evangeline remembered feeling so lost at first, but then her name was called, and the whole hall fell silent. Once she was sat in the chair, the Sorting Hat was placed on her head. Truth be told, the witch expected to be placed in Slytheirn, just like her whole family before her, even her mom. But as the Sorting Hat yelled out 'Ravenclaw!', all color was drained from the girl's face. Her eyes darted over to the Slytherin table, where she found her brother smirking. She was doomed.

Her first Year at Hogwarts was a nightmare. She was alone, in Ravenclaw, and was simply trying to survive her brother's attempts to kill her. Eva had had a hard time learning the Castle, but Nathaniel had had two whole years to get to know it. He had the advantage here. But Nathaniel was not her only problem. Suddenly, people were found petrified, and Evangeline knew that there was something wrong. Especially when she took a good look at her brother, who was looking prouder than ever. There was something going on, and she had to figure out what. Her research led her to what people called, The Chamber of Secrets, but before the witch had the time to put the pieces back together, the whole thing was solved, leaving her with so many questions.

Upon returning home, that summer, her family had made sure to show how displeased they were, that she had been sorted into Ravenclaw, but, as her father had pointed out, "At least it's not that bloody Hufflepuff!". Her mother had reassured her, though, that even in Ravenclaw, she could still achieve great things, and make their House proud. Just like a Lady should do. Evangeline had nodded, giving her mother a small smile and a thank you.
But later that day, she had overheard her father and Nathaniel talking about how she could, potentially, be a problem. That hurt the younger witch deeply, who in turn, revealed herself and told them that she was not useless.

Their father sent Nathaniel away, and ordered her to sit in a chair, in front of his desk. Evangeline was, in truth, scared, but nothing could prepare her for what was coming next.  Her father told her all about the Dark Lord, his plans, his power, and how their family had pledged their loyalty to him. Evangeline was terrified. Her father was a Deatheater, and her brother was in training? This was why Nathaniel had been turned against her? "I don't want to be that, Daddy. Please!" Evangeline had begged, but her father simply pointed out that this behavior proved how weak she truly was. How much of a threat to the family she had become. "Unless you change your mindset, Eva, you will end up dead. Or one of us will. You don't have a choice."

From that day on, Evangeline knew that her family was on a dark path. A dark path she couldn't stray from.

Second Year wasn't any easier. Now that she knew what her purpose was, and what her family had been doing all along, Evangeline wanted to cry. She was still a child, for Merlin's sake!How could she aid to something as monstrous as this? Murders? Just because of the blood purity? She had met Halfbloods and even Muggleborns around the Castle, and they were just as capable as her. Why did they have to be targeted?

News that Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban reached the world, and Evangeline knew that this was, once again, something that would end badly. During their ride to Hogwarts, Dementors attacked. Evangeline would lie if she said she wasn't scared. The moment her eyes landed on one, she could feel it. The pain, the sorrow.... it was awful. Once they arrived at the Castle, the first thing Eva did was search about them. Learn as much as she could. Finding out about the Patronus Charm was a big plus, the problem was that she couldn't do it. The Patronus Charm was one of the most powerful protective spells, and only a few wizards and witches could master it. It was believed that, whoever could cast the spell, he was a wizard of great power.

Nothing else happened though, besides that one night that all of the students were forced to sleep in the Great Hall, like... animals! Evangeline felt disgusted to say the least. She was a Lady! Sleeping on the floor in filthy little sleeping bags was not what ladies did!
Besides that, though, the young witch just continued on with her lessons, paying no mind to anything else. Since her family hadn't warned her about anything, she didn't have to worry. After all, she still had to protect herself from Nathaniel.

Third Year was an even worse nightmare. The Tri-Wizard Tournament was going to take place at Hogwarts, meaning that two other schools would be joining them that year. Her father had made sure to mention that Evangeline had to be fully prepared this year. This was the year that she had to prove how much of a Faye she were. Thankfully for her, being a Lady had its positives. While her brother was learning how not to step on a girl's feet, Evangeline had the time to study more, since she already knew every possible dance there was.

Once the other Schools joined them in the Great Hall, Evangeline had her first chance to actually notice boys. Viktor Krum, was one of the most handsome men the girl had seen, but he was, in fact, overconfident, something that the other girls couldn't really see. For Evangeline, that was a serious turn off. She loved confidence, she really liked the quality in a guy, but it was obvious that Krum was not going to live up to all the expectations everyone had.

The Delacour girl, on the other hand, even though it was obvious she was not a powerful witch, had something that attracted the girl. Later, after befriending some Beauxbatons ladies, Evangeline learned that Fleur had Veela genes. The witch had learned about Veelas during a Lesson at home, but she had never seen one from up close. Now everything made sense.

When Krum and Fleur were chosen for the Tournament, Evangeline had clapped away. She knew that between the two of them, Krum had more chances of winning. The Hogwarts Champion was Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff wizard that looked even uglier than her brother. How did the girls found him attractive was beyond her.

But the Cup wasn't done yet. Another paper was taken out of the flames, and the name Harry Potter was written on it. Evangeline sighed. She knew Harry Potter, everyone did, and her father had made sure to fill her in on everything. But the girl had chosen to stay away from the wizard and his friends. Ron Weasley was the worst guy on earth, and Hermione Granger was simply overrated. Evangeline was far more intelligent than the witch, but she didn't have to flaunt it.

Though, the witch knew very well that Harry Potter couldn't have placed his name in the Cup. This was the plan her father had mentioned. This was the year Evangeline had to be prepared for pretty much anything.  Truth be told, she had expected the Headmaster to say that Harry Potter would simply not join the Tournament, but it was noted that since he was chose, he had no choice. And therefore, four were the Tri-Wizard Champions that year.

As the first task took place, Evangeline had the chance to see Dragons for the first time. The shock was immense, but the awe was even bigger. The witch had never seen creatures more beautiful than the Dragons, and she knew that this would only lead to one thing, and that was research. There was no way the girl wouldn't find out more about them. Again, Potter seemed to excel in the task and Evangeline wondered if it was pure luck, or he had any help.

The Yule Ball was not an event Evangeline attended. No one had asked her to  be his date, and she could only attend with an older wizard. Honestly, the witch was glad, because she really wasn't looking forward to getting dolled up and dance the night away like everything was okay. Because nothing was truly okay, and the witch was terrified. With every day that passed, they were closer to the darkness that was coming for them. And Eva was simply not ready yet. Or ever.

The second task came around, but Evangeline didn't even pay attention. She didn't like swimming, she didn't like mermaids, end of story. There was no need to stay and watch them swim around, trying to save people. After all, no one would allow anything bad to happen. Right?

The third task was a maze, grown in the Quidditch Pitch. Eva, along with everyone else, were seating on the stands, waiting to see how this would turn out. Harry Potter seemed to be on the lead, and that annoyed the Ravenclaw witch more than a little, but she would deal with it. As more time passed, the witch was starting to worry, along with the rest. Harry Potter, though, as if he had heard their worries, came out, along with Diggory and everyone started clapping and celebrating. Evangeline, though, was far from clapping.

It took only a moment, maybe two, but eventually everyone understood that something was wrong. The claps died down, and Harry Potter's voice could be heard crystal clear. "He's back!"
Evangeline already knew who Harry meant, and the dread that took over her features was obvious. Voldemort was back.  And this was the beginning of her end. This was the plan her father has talked about.

From that day on, everything had changed. Evangeline knew that now that the Dark Lord was back, she didn't really have much of a choice. If she wanted to keep her family safe, she would have to play the part. She would have to, eventually, become one of them. It was the only way to keep the people she loved out of danger.

Her Fourth Year was a mess. The Ministry of Magic had sent Dolores Umbridge to the school, in order to teach them Defense Against the Dark Arts, but the woman didn't even know how to speak, much less teach them DADA.  But that was not Eva's problem. Her problem was that Voldemort was back, and her family had been worshiping at his feet. This was... dangerous. So very, very dangerous. But what could she do? The news that the Deatheaters broke out of Azkaban and the attempt of Umbridge to persuade everyone that the return of Voldemort was nothing but a lie, proved to Evangeline that no matter what she believed, there was always something worse to come. And frankly, all she could do was wait for it.

Fifth Year: Ongoinng


  Name: Anastasia Faye
  Age: 50
  Living or Deceased: Living
  Blood type or Species: Pureblood
  Occupation: Mother and Wife

  Name: Victor Faye
  Age: 50
  Living or Deceased: Living
  Blood type or Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Business Owner

  Name: Nathaniel Faye
  Age: 17
  Living or Deceased: Living
  Blood type or Species: Pureblood

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