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Silas Lestrange

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Silas Lestrange

Post by Niemand on 6th March 2018, 11:28 pm


Full Name: Silas Lestrange
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: January 3rd 1981
Blood Type:Pureblood

Darker of skin tone than his pale french descended cousins the Malfoys. Silas has rich dark brown hair that if allowed to grow out has a slight curl to it, enhanced with product. Usually he wears it cut short and manageable. His eyes are a honey-brown to a rich coffee brown depending on the lighting. He's got an athletic teenage body with a healthy weight for someone his age. His height is currently 6'0 but will grow another four inches before he's done.


  • Muggle Clothing  - He's made his own clothes finding a liking to designing. But his like for the clothing was at first a way to thumb his nose at his guardians. It was a bit of control in a world where he had none.
  • Control - He likes being in control and so has learned self discipline. Doesn't like when things get away from him.
  • Wiggle Room - Likes to have wiggle room when making promises. Likes to have a third option rather than cornered into just two.
  • Games - Likes games that challenge him such as word games, puzzles, riddles, chess, etc.


  • Anything that remotely feels like a collar.
  • Losing  - Be it battle of wits, a game, his control, anything.
  • People who cannot get by on their own merit. Or those that have to use a name (like Draco always throwing Lucius' name around).
  • Surprises


  • Discipline - Learned from an early age to be in control of not only his emotions, but how he reacts and behaves. Also when to speak and when not to.
  • Eidetic Memory - Silas can remember just about anything he's read or seen. It's a blessing as well as a curse. It makes it easier to take notes later when he's not rushed and to recall a moment at his leisure.
  • Creative & Imaginative - or at least he thinks so. Tries to think more than one dimensional or confined to one line of reasoning.
  • Open minded - more or less. Silas prefers to come up with his own conclusions based on actions and what he's seen rather then rumors or speculation.


  • Insomniac - It causes him to make irrational decisions at times and makes him more irritable.
  • Hypocrite  - Self explanatory
  • Apathetic - Doesn't really have any emotion towards people as a whole.
  • Eidetic Memory - Can recall anything horrible he's seen as well. It's flashed stamped on his memory and he can never get rid of it.
  • Self Esteem - While he couldn't care less what most people think of him, he's still learning in that area when it comes to certain family members.


  • Father - Rodolphus Lestrange // Pureblood // Loyal Death Eater [whereabouts unknown]
  • Mother - Bellatrix {Black} Lestrange // Pureblood // Loyal Death Eater [whereabouts unknown]
  • Paternal Uncle - Rabastan Lestrange // Pureblood // Loyal Death Eater [whereabouts unknown]
  • Maternal Aunt - Narcissa {Black} Malfoy // Pureblood // Alive - Malfoy Manor
  • Maternal Cousin - Draco Malfoy // Pureblood // Slytherin 6th Year
  • Paternal Cousin - Luca Lestrange // Pureblood // Slytherin 7th Year
  • Paternal Cousin - Leyton Lestrange // Pureblood // Slytherin 7th Year

School History:
Year One 1992-93
His first year had been one to remember for the ages. The train ride had been uneventful with him trying to avoid his cousin and anyone of import. Quiet and without divulging his surname, wanting to see how his fellow students thought. To see if Draco's letters to his parents were biased or truth. It was as he was waiting with the rest in line to be sorted that Silas had known he did not wish to be placed in Slytherin. His cousins were there, sorted last year and the year before. It would be unimaginable for them to have gone to any other house but Slytherin. And while he was wary of the twins yet looked up to Leyton, at the same time he disliked Draco. Silas' eyes had strayed to the Headmaster before he looked to the Slytherin table. Mind made up, he had argued with the hat as it waffled between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. As he'd taken a seat at the Ravenclaw table he'd been happy on several levels and had looked towards the smallest professor at the Head Table to see how he'd react to having a Lestrange in his house.

At breakfast the next day he'd wanted to see about this so called savior of the wizard world. The boy Draco was so jealous of and began a rivalry with. He watched the Gryffindor and didn't see anything special about him. Except he made a really poor choice of friends in Weasley. A thought he would continue to think all the way up to the boy's death. He had briefly felt pity towards him when Weasley's sister stalked her 'hero'. And with their pathetic excuse of a Defense Professor wanting to boost his image and fame by riding Potter's coattails but making it seem he was doing the Gryffindor a favor.

Silas was at the time experiencing his first crush on a fellow Ravenclaw. Intrigued by how different Luna Lovegood was but unsure how to approach her. Having not been a part of any 'play dates' of Draco's with the other Pureblood families children, he lacked social skills. Unable to overcome his innability to interact with his yearmates he was quickly labeled as a cold antisocial stuck up Pureblood. Something that he learned to use to his advantage. The crush upon Luna dissolved teaching him about how fleeting 'love' was.

Then the attacks and the petrifactions started. Silas had been one of the many students who looked up the Chamber myth. He'd gone looking through the school's history intrigued by the idea. Believing there to be more to the story about the Founders he began to study their histories. By being involved in his new interest he kept to the background as to not draw attention. It was only logical that fingers would point in the direction of the Purebloods first. And with his idiot of a cousin announcing that the mudbloods would be next only proved his theory.

He'd noticed Potter and his sidekicks making eyes at Malfoy. Silas had skipped the dueling club wanting nothing that had to do with anything Lockhart may be 'qualified' to teach. His Head of House had informed the Ravenclaws that he would not be teaching them but someone else who was....experienced. That had caused some brow raising. Later, Silas wondered how Draco could be a Slytherin after hearing about what had happened. How the school had suddenly shifted their view of Potter. Silas had wanted to laugh when they had began to think the Gryffindor was responsible for what was going on. Still, he kept to himself and waited to see what Potter would do. Sadly he didn't use the advantage he had been given nor do anything but be ashamed and scared of a remarkable ability. The Gryffindor was in Silas' opinion, an idiot.

He'd had a chance of ridding himself of his stalker and the poor excuse of a wizard that was their professor. Yet he brought them back from the chamber. Of course losing Lucius one of his elves had briefly caused Silas a moment of contemplating if he should send Potter a thank you gift. And the continual humiliation of Draco during the quidditch matches. It would be weird though and he didn't wish to incur the adult Malfoys wrath, so he curbed the desire.

Year Two 1993-94
His summer before second year was spent avoiding Draco and like any other wizard waiting to hear more about Sirius Black's escape. It had had Silas brooding. He'd wondered if Black could escape and he was supposed to be a 'light' dark wizard, then how was it his parents who were 'dark' dark wizards were unable to do the same? It caused anger and he listened to the Malfoys whenever they spoke and finding reasons to be in or close to a room where such things were discussed. By the time the school year rolled around around he still wasn't sure what to feel or think. The one time he'd asked about how a simple prison could keep the darkest wizards imprisoned he'd been set straight. Informed of the dementers and he'd known from that moment that he would never ask about if prisoners were allowed visitors.

Then while on the train the creatures that kept his parents weak and unable to be with him had boarded the train. Silas as per the unspoken agreement between himself and his cousin never set anywhere within the vicinity of the blond. So was unaware of how he reacted to the Dementors. Silas however had reacted like most of the other students in the presence of the Azkaban guards. That did not stop him from wanting to know more about the creatures. He'd even had to be given detention when a fellow Ravenclaw had ratted him out to Flitwick. Silas in his quest of knowledge had wanted to see if the cloaks were part of the Dementers. His morbid side had wanted to see what one looked like. Most of his year was spent trying to learn about the creatures, dodging tattle-telling housemates, and trying to find a way around Flitwick's rules. The diminutive wizard had almost set a prefect to watch him as if he needed sitting!

When they'd been ushered to the Great Hall to sleep in disgusting purple colored sleeping bags, Silas questioned the Headmaster's sanity. He mulled over why the man would pull the children from their secure dorms to a vulnerable point. The only ones in danger had been the Gryffindors. And they could have easily been split up into the other houses temporarily for the night. The thing with Black made no sense and the Ravenclaw didn't bother wasting brain power on it. Instead he focused on why their defense professor seemed perpetually ill. And the Dementers were a bigger mystery and much more interesting than Potter and his issues. Silas had to be forcibly carted away from the quidditch field when the dementors attacked and had Potter fall off his broom.

The only thing Silas wanted to learn from Black was how he escaped. So it was a shame that he escaped the Ministry's clutches and got away from Hogwarts. He wondered Lupin had helped and that was why the potions professor told the werewolf's secret. The Ravenclaws had already figured it out as had those in the other houses whose iq was higher than a rock. Muggleborns were very quick to catch on. Who knew that what passed as literature for them was so accurate and informative?

Year Three 1994-95
This was a year that Silas would never forget and showed without a doubt why he was in Ravenclaw. Most of his summer was spent learning how to dance. While being a third year, Silas would only be at the ball if he attended with an older student (something that was never going to happen). It didn't matter to Aunt Narcissa who believed that he should learn as it was something the elite learned at some point.

Through Uncle Lucius and his connections, Draco and he were aware of what the forthcoming year would entail. It caused Silas to wish he were part of any other family. Given the choice he opted out if attending the World Cup in the same box as the Malfoys. He watched the game from a different section. When his uncle decided he and his 'friends' would have 'fun', Silas was crowd watching. Up until his aunt had side-along apparated him. He'd read about the fall out and what he'd missed in the paper.

This year's defense teacher had him wary, silent, and staying clear of the man. Did the Headmaster really dislike the children of known and suspected Death Eaters so much he'd bring in someone to kill them?! It had already been proven for the past two years that the old man was as biased as the rest of the staff when it came to not only the Slytherins but Potter as well. Silas didn't buy into the whole 'Moody is here for Potter's safety'. What a load! But the headmaster was powerful and known for his crafty mind.

Granger just proved her ignorance, stubbornness, and that she was just as vain and egotistical as any Pureblood. She showed why muggleborns were reviled by the echelon of the wizarding world. For all her supposed intellect she never once to his knowledge used common sense before committing to her crusade. Nor did she look up anything about house elves before she began her foolish campaign. It would have been pointless to ask Weasley about the creatures but surely she could have asked that Patil girl or some other Gryffindor Pureblood. It disgusted him when people wasted their abilities.

The arrival of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons was something he'd looked forward to. To learn how things were done at the other two schools. If there was a possibility of transferring. Not that his guardians would ever allow it, but it never hurt to learn more about schools and their ways. He'd been able to speak briefly to students of both schools. Briefly because while Potter should only be a phenomenon in his home country, it turns out he was an international one. At least on one side of the hemisphere. It was annoying as well as disappointing and Silas resolved to learn what he wanted by 'skulking about' as some put it.

Surprised but pleased that the Hogwarts Champion wouldn't be a Gryffindor, Silas had cheered along with everyone else. Until the usual happened. Another Potter fiasco that had the Ravenclaw wonder if the only way he'd be free of a year free of such a thing would be when the berk graduated. Unless he pulled a Flint and stayed for an extra year. While not agreeing that Potter put his name in the goblet, it was obvious someone had. From the looks on the Slytherins' faces no one there had done it to humiliate the Gryffindor.

While he didn't wear a badge to show his views on Potter being champion, Silas supported Diggory. He thought the badges childish albeit a bit clever. It was obvious that the 'golden trio' were having issues again stemming from Weasley's jealousy. It was hilarious to watch the red head whenever Krum was around. Hilarious and a bit pathetic actually. Much like any boy around that Delacour girl. Asking around the Beauxbatons students he learned she was a Veela. While fascinated, Silas veered away whenever she was about. The same with Krum since he drew people because of his fame. Silas had learned though that both foreign schools didn't have houses like Hogwarts. It seemed their school was the only one divided as such.

Learning about the dragons had the Ravenclaw quite curious. Had they planned on bringing four on coincidence or had they been informed they had an extra champion? The creatures had Silas wishing he could study them. Find out why they were immune to magic, how they could fly unless they had hollow bones like a bird. If they were more like their cold blooded reptile cousins or if they were more like mammals. Unfortunately, none of his curiosity was satiated during the first task. Except that dragons had good eyesight and varying degrees of intelligence. Too bad neither Krum nor Potter didn't cause an eye to come out. It would have answered if they saw in color or infrared. Silas had wondered about that when the dragon opted to not chase after Diggory's transfigured rock dog. The Ravenclaw had to give credit to Potter for thinking to use his broom. No one else had thought of that.

Not seeing the big draw to watch the second task, Silas would have preferred to do something other than staring at a lake. Unfortunately, it seemed the whole school had to be there to 'show their support'. So, he brought a book he'd smuggled out of Malfoy manor and disguised as a history book. He was only interrupted and interested when the champions resurfaced. He'd been torn between amusement, disgust and horror that the person Potter would miss most was Weasley. Perhaps it was because Granger was already taken? At least it wasn't his stalker that awaited him at the bottom of the lake. And he'd honestly thought that if the great Harry Potter didn't save the hostages they would die? That would break so many rules and cause a war to break out. Wizards wouldn't stand for it.

Up until the third task, Silas had wondered how he could lure a Mermaid. Of course he'd seen the one that spoke with the headmaster. That was what had him wanting to see one again and at a much closer range. It was the same fascination that gripped him in wanting to look at a Dementor last year and the dragons this year. Of course he never got to accomplish his goal. Maybe he could ask his uncle to let him accompany him to the Ministry next summer. Perhaps he would be able to speak with those in the beast regulation department. They must know about such creatures.

The third task also seemed mandatory and a sulky Silas sat in the stands with books. He didn't feel much like talking to anyone while waiting for the task to be over and staring at a hedge. He did wonder at the Durmstrang's missing headmaster. Like with the lake the Veela girl was first back and in last place for being unable to continue. Krum was next which meant the victory would be Hogwarts. That was good enough for Silas who thought the tournament should be called now.

Instead they had to wait until Potter showed up with Diggory's dead body. That had been unexpected. While he and the rest of the students were being ushered back to the school, Silas had looked back wondering if that was where Karkoroff had gotten off too. It wasn't until the morning that it was confirmed that Diggory was dead and Karkoroff had vanished. Then Headmaster Dumbledore told them about Lord Voldemort which caused his heart to beat faster. If the Dark Lord was back, he'd get his followers wouldn't he? So his parents might be broken out? They were loyal after all.

Year Four 1995-96
(still writing that up)

Year Five 1996-97
Its ongoing

Silas doesn't really have any recollections of his parents since he was nine months old when they were sentenced to Azkaban in 1981. Silas' closest blood kin were the Blacks. Rodolphus already saw to it that Silas would never go to Rabastan's wife. Andromeda was out of the question because of her marriage to Ted Tonks. The house elves couldn't be entrusted with the life of a child. Due to the statements in his mother's will (yes, she did have one unlike his father), Silas grew up with Narcissa as his guardian. She was to instruct him until age eleven when he was to enter Hogwarts.

Silas taught himself to read at age three with help from his eidetic memory which he made sure to nurture to keep. Perhaps it was the mix of Lestrange and Black genealogy, but Silas had always been a strange one. While Narcissa tried to give him what she thought he wanted, he learned with Draco's help, that he wasn't particularly attached to anything. Draco would grab anything be it a toy or book that he thought Silas liked or had and would destroy it. These actions stopped after seeing that Silas would have no reaction and would just walk away.

By the time Leyton and Luca started coming to the manor, he'd felt even more ostracized. While the other Lestrange boys could fit in with the Malfoys being lighter skinned and blond, Silas was of a darker complexion and always was the odd one out. Being left to his own devices he found other ways to amuse himself. There were also skills he learned that became invaluable. Such as being present but unobtrusive to where people forgot you were even there. How to be light footed, and how to listen. Listening with more than just hearing what was said, but what wasn't said was just as if not more important.

Wand: Acacia & unicorn hair
Other Items:

  • Lestrange signet ring - given upon turning thirteen
  • Puzzle ring - Goblin wrought with magics interwoven. Given by his father during Silas' fifth year.
  • Lestrange Family Grimoire - Something Rodolphus stole and gave to his son during Silas' fifth year

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