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Eradan son of Haldan

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Eradan son of Haldan

Post by Niemand on 5th March 2018, 2:51 pm


Name: Eradan
Age: 90
Species: Human
Occupation: Dúnadan

Hair Color: Long falling below his shoulder blades. Depending on how recently his hair has been washed it can be a light brown to very dark (due to dirt, sweat, and oil)
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'10
Distinguishing Marks: Too many scars across his body from life to list. Because of his bloodline and heritage he appears no older than in his thirties.
Clothing Style: Furs, leather, durable cloth. A good pair of boots and a heavy cloak is essential. Has bits of dragon hide, scales, tooth, or claw that was freely given or discarded to make up his clothing and armour.


Father: Haldan
Brother: Halbarad (twin)//deceased

The Edain were a culture of men living in Middle-Earth in the First Age.  They awoke in the Far East with the Easterlings (brown men) and Druedain (black men).  They were instantly despised by the great enemy Morgoth.  They settled in the West and allied with Elves.  They were did not spend much time with the other men, and it turns out each culture went very different ways.  The Edain moved to Beleriand where many learned Sindarin and did not continue to speak any Edain.  They were divided into three mighty Houses: The House of Beor, The House of Haleth, and the House of the Marach.  The three houses were mainly separated, but they sometimes met when fighting in wars.  The Edain were not particularly good fighters.  They were more of a wise race.  Many of them knew much about Arda, and constantly worshipped Eru the One.  The Edain were devastated in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, when Ulfang the Easterling betray them to Morgoth.  Hurin was there captured and imprisoned by Morgoth, and not released for a long time.  After the Valar came from Valinor to unite with the devastated Elves, Edain, Easterlings, Druedain, Dwarves, and Ents, and the many cultures together defeated Morgoth in the War of Wrath, Eru established Numenor.  There, the Edain settled and rebuilt there culture.  Believing the name "Edain" was bad luck, they called themselves "Numenoreans"  to sound more mighty.  When they returned to Middle-Earth, the Edain split into many cultures: Dunedain, Gondorians, Rohirrim, Eotheod, and many more.  

The Dúnedain were descended from the Númenóreans who survived the fall of their island kingdom, Númenor, and migrated to Eriador in Middle-earth, led at first by Elendil and his sons. They were known as the "Men of the West" and the "Men of Westernesse". They settled mainly in Arnor and Gondor, but during the Third Age only in the Gondor-region. After the fall of Arnor and then Arthedain, some of the northern Dúnedain became the Rangers of the North in Evendim. The surviving Dúnedain population of Arnor retreated to the Angle south of Rivendell. In the meantime the southern Dúnedain intermarried more and more with so-called Middle Men, except in some regions (such as Dol Amroth).

Eradan's family were part of these people that moved across middle earth and further. They ended up in the land of the dragons.

Survival: Tacking/Obscuring Tracks & Presence, Shelter Making, Hunting/Fishing, Edible/Poisonous/Healing Plants, Trap Making, Fire Making/Hiding, Sewing
Weapons: Archery, Sword, Dagger, Knives, Staff
Languages: Westeron, Sindarin, Mindspeak

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