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Aidan Turner

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Aidan Turner

Post by Tyler on 20th April 2014, 2:55 pm

Name: Aidan Maximilian Turner
Age: 45
Birthdate: June 25th
Hometown: Ipswich
Current Home: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Blood Status: Pureblood


  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Skin: Pale
  • Favorite clothing: Aidan has always had a liking to muggle slacks, though he wears black robes often.
  • Scars: Aidan has a few scars on his arms from his time as a Healer. Previous surgeries where tools have slipped or mishaps occurred.


  • Emmett Turner - 43 - BROTHER - WIZARD
  • Linda Turner - 41 - SISTER-IN-LAW - MUGGLE
  • William Turner - 15 - NEPHEW - SQUIB
  • Henry Turner - 4 - NEPHEW - WIZARD
  • Roz Turner - 17 - NIECE - WITCH
  • Casey Aldridge - 17 - GODSON - WIZARD

Aidan is easily calm in nature as an adult, though he was very hotheaded and quick to irritate as a child. He has a high confidence level, though he doesn't let ego get in his way as he's experienced quite the beat down when it happens. Aidan can is rather humorous and caring nowadays, often protective of the students and his family. He is an avid Quidditch fan, though enjoys reading when he gets that downtime.

Aidan Turner was actually born in Croix of France right before his parents moved to Ipswich of England. He lived there as an only child for two years before Emmett was born. Aidan originally detested his little brother when he found out he'd be an older brother, but he grew to dote on Emmett. That didn't stop Aidan from often playing pranks on Emmett or teasing him to the point Aidan got grounded fairly often. Aidan was a rambunctious child until he turned 11 and received his letter to Hogwarts, as well as one to Beauxbatons' brother school considering his birthplace was in France. He turned down the France-located school and attended Hogwarts in 1964.

Away from his parents and younger brother, Aidan learned to adapt better to his social environment. He was sorted into Ravenclaw for his desire to learn everything he could. He may not have been a studious child, but he loved to learn and experience. It was in his first year of Hogwarts that Aidan met his best friend Caius Thrussington. The two became quiet the troublemakers, though they weren't the ones to usually start prank wars. Aidan and Caius received quite the large detention file in the caretaker's office over the years.

Graduating from Hogwarts in the upper ranks of his class, Aidan went on to become a Healer at St. Mungo's up until he was asked to join the Order of the Phoenix in 1978. The war was raging and Aidan had not wanted any part in it. He left England for a solid 10 years, becoming a freelance healer in different countries. He came back to his nephew William being born in 1983, choosing to stay in England once more and help Emmett and Linda (his sister in law) to adjust to having a baby. He also helped Emmett keep their family secret from Linda, often covering up items that might have made their way into Aidan's house when Linda brought William over to visit him.

When Linda left his brother with the kids after Roz's magic developed, Aidan tried his best to be there for his brother. He stayed far away from the magic world physically, but kept up with the news often and was a headmaster at a muggle boarding school during those times. Eventually, with the defeat of Voldemort, Minerva McGonagall sought him out and offered him the position of Headmaster of Hogwarts, considering his background as a headmaster. He accepted the position.

During his time as headmaster, Aidan has gone through several troublesome moments of letting himself get too overwhelmed by his workload. He is now the godfather to Caius' adopted son, Casey Aldridge, after the boy was discovered to be abused by his only living relatives.



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