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Amaya Braxton

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Amaya Braxton

Post by IrishArcher on 18th March 2018, 8:29 pm

FC: Marsai Martin

Personal Information
Name: Amaya Rhea Braxton
Age: 12
DOB: March 11, 2005
Style: Likes to be fashionable, but will wear whatever is available.

Mother: Alicia Braxton, deceased.
Father: Mark Braxton, location unknown.
Sister: Aaliyah Braxton, 5 years old.

- Facts
- Science
- Technology
- Math
- Books/reading (mostly non-fiction)
- Knowing things
- Fashion
- Dogs
- Her sister (sometimes)

- Silliness
- Not knowing things
- Unrealistic ideas/fantasy (including superstitions, supernatural phenomena, and "magic")
- Being talked down to
- Orphanages
- Not having control over her environment/situation
- Scary movies
- Her sister (sometimes)

- Serious
- Realistic (bordering on cynical)
- Mature
- Intelligent
- Street smart
- Bossy/controlling
- Ambitious
- Tense
- Worrier
- Polite (unless provoked)

- Quick thinking/improvising
- Coding/hacking
- Fashion sense
- Math
- Mind-reading (unaware of this; unintentional)

Amaya grew up with her mother and father in northern California. Her life was relatively normal--she had loving parents, friends to play with in her neighborhood, books to read, and a decent elementary school where she discovered a love for math and science, at which she excelled. She was extremely bright for her age, and her parents encouraged her to learn and explore.

Everything changed when she was seven years old. Her mother was pregnant with Amaya's younger sister, and stayed home to watch Amaya while Amaya's father went on a business trip to Seattle. He never returned. Alicia Braxton filed a missing persons report two days after he was supposed come home, but it turned up nothing, and the police gave up without much fanfare. After two months, he was presumed dead, though none of the Braxton family believed it. He simply disappeared without a trace, leaving his wife to take care of their seven-year-old daughter, and soon a newborn as well.

Alicia did the best with what she had, but struggled as she suddenly had to take care of two children all on her own. She returned to work as soon as possible after Aaliyah was born, often working overtime to make ends meet as she trusted Amaya to look after her younger sister. She sold the house and bought a smaller one in a slightly worse neighborhood. Then she sold that house for an even smaller one.

Amaya tried her best to help her mother as their quality of life slowly dipped. She practically raised her little sister as their mom worked, changing her diapers, then potty training her, then teaching her to read. Aaliyah idolized Amaya and followed her everywhere she went. Meanwhile, Amaya herself tried to stay on top of her schoolwork, as well as make time for hobbies like reading and coding. When she was ten, she put her skills to good use, designing websites for people to earn some extra cash.

Shortly after Amaya's eleventh birthday, her mother died in a sudden car accident on the way home from work. With none of their extended family still alive, the two girls were picked up by social services and put in an orphanage in a nearby town.

The orphanage, in Amaya's mind, was the closest thing to hell she'd ever experienced. The environment was stifling, their needs were neglected, the other children were horrible and often bullied her, and she knew she'd never be able to meet her ambitions if she stayed--and she had high ambitions. So after only a few months, she collected enough money for bus fare, took her sister, and ran. She was going to find their father.

She knew her dad was still alive. She didn't have any proof, necessarily; it was just something she knew. Unsure exactly where to look, she decided to start in Seattle, where he'd been all those years ago the day he went missing. With her sister in tow, she relied on her smarts and her coding abilities to get them through, spending much of her time in libraries working off of public computers to make enough money for them both.

She's unaware of the magical world--or if she is aware of anything, she ardently denies it. Her sister is much the opposite. Aaliyah has a wild imagination and an open mind. She also has a gift--a sixth sense, if you will. She is always able to tell when something is about to happen. She knew her mom had died before anyone else did--she'd started crying inexplicably the moment the car crashed. She has visions sometimes, though usually just flashes, or sometimes dreams. Mostly she just gets a strong feeling, and intuitively knows things that should be impossible for her to know. Amaya calls these things ridiculous, and writes them off as Aaliyah's silly imagination, but she's starting to notice that her sister is usually right. Amaya has not discovered her own abilities yet, but it's only a matter of time before they start to appear.



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