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Ninimdir Zephyr Wintertide

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Ninimdir Zephyr Wintertide

Post by Aspen_Noir on 14th March 2018, 10:58 pm

Name: Ninimdir Zephyr Wintertide (Ninimdir = Snowdrop + man // Zephyr = soft gentle breeze)

Age: 369

Appears: 25

Appearance: WIP

Faceclaim: WIP

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Clan: Ice


He was raised in caves underground that his ancestors had used their abilities to cover in ice to make it an appropriate living space. The caves were dug at the beginning of the creation of society and altered over time. Occasionally, he would venture out when he was old enough to withstand the heat and could actually explore a bit. It became one of his favorite things to do, it also helped he was never caught. It was forbidden to leave your cave to another habitat because of health complications that could rise — which for him was overheating. This was also why he couldn’t use his flames unless under duress, because his body couldn’t withstand the heat properly.

When a dragon reached 50 years, they were taught the first phases of changing to a human form and were taught the finesse in breathing fire. It could take up to 100 years for someone to change into a human form. However, it generally only took 5 years for a dragon to learn all the ins-and-outs of breathing fire. He learned how to change in 34 years — one of the top ten quickest. He learned fire breathing in one year.

The next step after gaining a human form is to learn the clan fighting technique. Members of the ice clan are known for lithe bodies and the ability to create ice in any fashion to an extent. Their ice creation can be used to their advantage in a fight and with their style of fighting meant exactly for using ice creation to its full ability, they can be a force to be reckoned with. It can take up to 200 years to become a Master in the art. He did so in 165 years.

His motivation for doing things quicker and faster is because he is the heir of the clan and it was expected of him to be the best. So he set out to be the best. He was the best of the dragons of his generation (five other ice dragons, three fire, six water, one earth), so no one in the clan mentioned how he wasn’t the best compared to other generations. However, this caused a rift with the water clan because he also did better — as did most others of their generation — than the water heir.

When he was 275 years old, he officially met a Dunedain and it sparked an interest in something other than being the best clan heir he could be. He had heard about them a lot in old stories, but it was too cold for any to visit their caves unlike many of the other clans who got to see the Dunedin often. He got curious about the Dunedain and realized how fragile and tiny they are. It was strange but curious. It caused him to sneak out to take peaks at the Dunedain or to gather scrolls about them from other clans. It was his “pet project” as many in the clan began to call it. He did keep up with his heir duties all the while.

When he was 369 years old, the council of the clans called upon each clan to chose a member who between all the clans would be chosen for a dire mission — everyone knew that this mission revolved around the rumors, and later statements, about the dragons that had fallen to the “curse of old” 20 years prior. He was one of the chosen. When brought before the council, each clan leader spoke for each of their candidates and then left the council to decide.

Out of all the clans and members, he was chosen. And of all his luck, he was paired with a Dunedain.


Saviors of the Dragons (what he was originally made for)
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