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Saviors of the Dragons

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Saviors of the Dragons

Post by Aspen_Noir on 2nd March 2018, 6:59 pm


Many years ago, dragons were mindless beasts who horded gold, jewels, and anything that sparkled. Over the years for reasons unknown, dragons grew beyond this stage. They unified under clans, declared land as their own, created pacts with other clans, etc. In summary, they started and flourished their own type of society. Some theories are the the rogue Dunedain who ventured to their lands are the reason dragons grew beyond baseless instincts.

Time passed and it would be decades after Smaug perished in Middle Earth that news traveled back of how and why he was killed. Murmurs began. Then, word about other dragons who passed through Middle Earth that were plagued the same way as Smaug -- plagued with greed and a loss of higher mind function.

Worry and panic insued.

The Council -- made up of one from every clan -- declared that traveling was to be banned. No one protested. However, as more information came in, the more worried the council became. So they chose two to investigate Middle Earth which was the only connection between all cases of the "disease of old".

One was a dragon: as bait and as a powerhouse.

One was a Dunedain: to keep an eye on the dragon and to keep the dragon from descending to the "disease of old" (because of the old theories).



Dunedain: Eradan - Niemand


Other Important information


White - leader
Grey - Next in line
White/Gray - Air/Light
Brown - Nature/animals
Blue - Mind/water
Black - Dark/Necromancy
Red - Fire/Power
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