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Asriel Jerack

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Asriel Jerack

Post by Niemand on 2nd March 2018, 5:10 am

Face Claim: Douglas Booth
Name: Asriel Glen Donovan Jerack
Date of Birth: 2nd August
Age: 17
Blood Status: halfblood
Hometown: Hogsmeade
Current Home: Hogsmeade
Occupation: Clerk at Dominic Maestro's Music Shop
Wand: 9" Aspen Wood & Unicorn Tail Hair

Hair Color: medium length brown hair that has a natural cowlick
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'1
Distinguishing Marks: Has a slight American accent
Clothing Style: Asriel tends more towards the t-shirt and jeans variety rather than slacks and a tie. However, he does like clothes and will dress to impress or to coordinate. Wears a silver chain with a pendant that came from his parents when he went abroad to study.

Asriel is a quiet unassuming person with a generally shy nature. As a child he loved to be regaled with stories from not only the adults of the village but from the students of Hogwarts as well. He's friendly and honest with a very kind heart. However there is steel and determination in him as well. He won't put up with abuse of any kind to anyone. Isn't quick with his words and knows he's not the most brilliant around but does think things through. Sometimes he comes off as slow due to his working over a problem and failing to answer until much later.

Name: Euan Carlisle
Age: 52
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Human/Halfblood
Occupation: Wizarding Wireless Network

Mother's Name: Esme Carlisle - Jerack
Age: 47
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Human/Muggleborn
Occupation: Salesperson at Gladrags Wizard Wear

Asriel grew up in Hogsmeade village with magic all around him. He took it for granted that he would have magic as well. Well used to the older children that came into the village during the day from the school, he was still kept close to either of his parents or a family friend. Like many children from a magical background and family he was homeschooled. Unlike most however, he was taught by many tutors - those being the adults of Hogsmeade village- in many things aside from just academia. Even when he was old enough to help out around the stores and talk with the students when they were in the shops.

Upon reaching age eleven his parents while loving him regardless, believed no letter would come. They believed he was a squib since he hadn't done any accidental magic to their knowledge or anyone else's. As the date grew closer and no letter came, they made plans on where else Asriel should go to attend school. While he'd have a very eclectic learning base, they wanted him to have every option open to him, including leaving the his magical heritage to embrace his mundane side. While his parents fretted, Asriel took matters into his own hands and wrote to all the magic schools about and received responses from all of them. Upon reading them he told his parents that he wanted to attend Ilvermorny in the Americas.

There had been a very tearful farewell when Asriel left to the Americas to attend a foreign school. At Ilvermorny he was chose to become a Pukwudgie after more than one of the statues had turned to face him. While in school he did well enough that he sat in the middle of the scoring. Upon graduation he returned home to Hogsmeade in Scotland and got himself a job at Dominic Maestro's Music Shop.

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