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Verloren Ladradir

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Verloren Ladradir

Post by Aspen_Noir on 1st March 2018, 10:45 pm

Age: 164

Appears: 24

Height: 5’ 7"

Weight: 170 – lithe swimmer build

Eye Color: Lavender

Race: Magical Human

Preference: Pansexual

New Face Claim: Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular at Magical High School)

Old Face Claim: Tsuruga Ren (Skip Beat)

Owner of: Midnight Hour (bar and home) See:

History: Verloren is an assumed name. He took up the name after he ended up hurt because of his army brother’s enemies. He was kidnapped, tortured, and almost died; however because of his brother and his connections in the military, he was subjugated to an experimental surgery. It is because of that surgery, he ended up with magic either because he had a locked core, because it was in his DNA, or because of the unknown elements they had used.

    After he had returned home, he left to a secluded place in the Appalachian Mountains in a high altitude that only climbers dared to venture. That was were he taught himself to control his powers and, for the most part, the extent of his powers. Only his brother knew that the surgery gave him magic, nor was the surgery ever used on anyone else – the surgery had almost failed on him plus his brother shut it down. Now that he has control, Verloren has been traveling all over the globe and learning all sorts of fighting styles, languages, and more. Never living in one place for too long, but still keeping in touch with his brother.

    When his brother reached the ripe age of 94, he died leaving all of his assets split between his children and Verloren. Verloren has been watching over the family while being the family’s secret. Now he owns a two four story bar (Midnight Hour) that is about a twenty minute drive away from one of the family’s houses (his brother’s daughter’s house). This makes it easy for him to run over for emergencies and family gatherings.


   Main Verse: Verloren is born  in 1857. The current year is 2020 (not any different than real life 2015). He is the only magical in a non-magical universe.
   Avengers Verse: Verloren is 164 years old. Until the Battle of New York, he thought he was in a non-magical world. However, it makes him hide even more than he had been doing and it made him paranoid. It wasn’t hard for him to notice SHIELD since they were connected to the Avengers, and it made him wary of all shadows. He knew what happened when people noticed he was special – experiments.
   Marvel Verse: Verloren is 164 years old. With the emergence of mutants and how well they are being accepted, makes him paranoid and hide. But if he is ever seen, he claims he is a mutant and goes underground – disappears – then reappears somewhere else with new looks and new identity.
   Marvel + Avengers Verse
   Magic Verse: Verloren is 164 years old and the things that creep in the night are real. He knows it and offers a special night for supernatural beings at his bar. However, they are all still hiding in the dark.
   AU Verse: Verloren is 164 years old and almost anything goes – AKA almost any other verse welcome.

Mortal Abilities:

     Martial Arts

    Kenjutsu: 8’ long reverse blade twin katanas

    Multilingual: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, and French

Magical Abilities:

    Will Magic: The ability to perform magic without a focus beyond normal will power.

    Song Magic: The ability to perform magic with the focus of singing – Verloren can perform feats of magic in grander scales than just through will.

    Blood Magic: The ability to perform magic with the focus of Verloren’s own blood.

    Ritual Magic: The ability to perform magic with the focus of a ritual that utilizes specific moments in times (full moon, blood moon, seventh day of the seventh month, etc.) which can also be grander feats of magic than just will.

    Shadow Magic: The ability to use shadows at will for transportation, transmutation (shadow puppets), etc. And while mastering his Shadow Magic, he gained a familiar: Vishka, a hellhound (picture below).

    Sharingan: (Left eye) The ability to call upon Susanoo (The Ultimate Defense), Amaturasu (Black fire that is considered the fire of hell; it can burn through anything and doesn’t leave ashes behind), and Tsukuyomi (the ability to delve into someones mind upon eye contact, put their mind into a world Verloren controls, and do whatever the mind can think of – also time passes according to Verloren’s wishes (four seconds on the outside can be four days in the mind).

    Rinnegan: (Right eye) The ability to see magic and souls. The ability to manipulate souls and soul links.

    Susanoo: See Sharingan


Mortal Abilities:

    Martial Arts: Verloren only has a human body.

    Kenjutsu: If Verloren loses his swords, he can’t fight using kenjutsu.

    Multilingual: Doesn’t help much in a fight anyway.

Magical Abilities:

    Will Magic: If Verloren can’t think straight, he can’t muster up the will to perform magic. Also, if he uses magic for four days straight, Verloren will have to stop and rest to recover his magic.

    Song Magic: If he can’t sing, he can’t use song magic.

    Blood Magic: Verloren has to watch out for how much blood he has lost, his human body can only lose 2 pints of blood every 24 hours. However, he only needs half of a shot glass of blood to perform any blood magic.

    Ritual Magic: Requires time, planning, and patience.

    Shadow Magic: The shadow has to be at least 2’ x 2’ for him to utilize if it isn’t his own shadow.

    Sharingan: Susanoo (The Ultimate Defense) can only be used once a week. Amaturasu (Black fire) can only be used when he has full concentration. Tsukuyomi (the ability to delve into someones mind upon eye contact) can only be used 2-10 times a day depending on how much time passes in the mindscape. The Sharingan itself causes him to bleed from the eyes and temporarily makes him go blind in both eyes.

    Rinnegan: Verloren can always see magic and souls. But if he is low on magic, he can’t manipulate souls and soul links.


William Leone

   Verloren’s brother
   Nickname: Will
   Dead at age 89
   Married Sara Tsukiyuki
   Military: General of the Army (Five Stars)

Gabriella Danvers nee’ Leone

   Verloren’s great-great-great niece
   William’s great-great-granddaughter
   Age: 48
   Married Keith Danvers
   CIA: Director
   Three children: Aspen, Victoria, and Risa

Risa Danvers

   Verloren’s great-great-great-great niece
   William’s great-great-great-granddaughter
   Age: 17

Disclaimer: This is pulled from my tumblr. He is also OP however I make it my mission to never play him as such. The Universes above are from tumblr posts. I also realize his powers are basically the same as Salazar's but that is because this is my OC version of Salazar with obvious differences.
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