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Kayden Anton DuPonte

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Kayden Anton DuPonte

Post by Tyler on 27th February 2018, 5:23 pm

Kayden Anton DuPonte

Face Claim: Colin Ford

Born March 2nd, 1904 in Atlanta, Georgia (Pisces)
Often called Tony (from Anton) or Kay (from Kayden)
Through experimentation during his enforced-sleep, has developed Water Manipulation abilities.

Charlotte DuPonte
Deceased in 1919 (38)

Jack DuPonte
Deceased in 1919 (40)

Anais DuPonte
Older Sister
Works at the Midnight Hour (116)

Amelie DuPonte
Younger Sister
Deceased in 1919 (12)

Kayden tends to stay out of the spotlight if he can help it, but would step gladly into it if the situation called for it. Just because he prefers to stay quiet and out of the way has never meant he’s stayed out of things. He loves to experiment with his surroundings, which often got him into trouble during his school in the 1900s, as men were supposed to study to take care of the family back then. Despite his quiet nature, he loves sports and was on the athletics club with his friends in the small all boys school he attended.

However, Kayden is very empathetic with those around him, often knowing just the right compliment or softness in his voice to soften a heart. He does feel more affected by criticism, especially by his father to take care of the family. He either takes criticism to heart, or loses his temper towards them. He’s always looking to find his sense of identity, never really planning for his assets and future of work. As a result, Kayden deals with conflict on a fight or flight sense, though he can get squirmy when dealing with emotional conflict such as his sisters crying.

Kayden has a talent, and penchant, for drawing. He loves to find a spot with his sketchbook and just draw when not running around kicking or throwing sports balls. There isn't often a chance for him to do so, despite the sketchbook that used to always be attached by his side. During the incident with his kidnapping, his sketchbook was lost in the streetcart crash.

Best Trait:
Charming – Kayden is typically relaxed and casual, a “live and let live” attitude.

Worst Trait:
Unpredictable – Kayden doesn’t like long-term commitments and plans, preferring the here and now of life.  

Food: Watermelon
Color: Turquoise Blue
Music: Jazz

Other facts:
  • Allergic to shellfish
  • Organized, but not necessarily neatfreak clean
  • Bisexual, but firmly believes he's straight
  • Has good health overall
  • Commonly bites his lower lip and cheek when anxious or in thought
  • Morning person

Born in 1904, Kayden grew up to be the middle child in his semi-well off family, but the only boy and therefore the heir of the DuPointe family. He has an older sister, Anais, and a younger one, Amelie. Kayden, as heir, was to be educated at the finest in Georgia and was tutored extensively throughout his childhood on how to make his family proud. He often fought with his father, preferring to teach his little sister what he learned or help out his mother and sister with the chores instead of studying for school. Kayden was a little flighty, never liking to stay tied down for very long. He was a rambunctious child, soothing his father's anger with success in his school sports that were becoming quite an ordeal at the time.

Unfortunately his mother, father, and little sister were killed in a street cart accident in 1919. Kayden was apart of the accident, but was found by a scientist who was the first on the scene. Kayden suffered the least critical in injuries, thus prompting the unknown man to take an interest in his survival. Kayden was taken from the scientist before medics arrived. The boy woke briefly in the kidnapping, but was not coherent enough to realize much more than his family's death at the sight of his sister's brutally wounded body.

Kayden would not be conscious again until 2017.

Kayden was frozen in 1919 wearing a simple wool jazz suit ensemble that spoke of his timeframe. He had nothing else but the watch on his wrist from his father and the picture of his family stuffed in the suit pocket.

Kayden has deep blue-green eyes, oak brown hair, and a smattering of freckles across his cheekbones and nose. His skin is rather pale, sometimes progressing to a light tan during the summers. He’s average in height for boys from his time era, but that rather leaves him short compared to teenage boys in the modern times. He’s lithe with a slight build in his upper body from his time playing sports in school. As it is, Kayden falls underweight in terms of current body health expectations set for teenage boys.

Kayden has a birthmark on the back of his left shoulder in the shape of a crescent moon oddly enough. There is a burn mark behind his right elbow from getting scorched playing with fire with his sister Anais. Kayden in his original time frame generally wore formal dress shirt collars with a narrow necktie, black dress slacks, and a dinner jacket. This mostly stemmed from the required uniform in school. As Kayden joins the modern times, he has a penchant love for faded tight jeans and graphic tees with funny sayings on them. He’s also into black converse now that he’s been introduced to them. Overall, his original state of dress was always somewhat formal, having digressed to a casual teen so to speak.

Kayden does retain a bit of a deep Southern American accent considering being born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a stiff posture from his bout of school in the 1900s. He does walk with a hint of educated grace, but lacks the experience to completely pull this off.

First Introduction About Kayden
Tyler wrote:Mid-day had settled over the city with a golden glow and cloudy skies. Patrons of the Midnight Hour were relaxed, camaraderie over the regulars as they joyously joked to the bartender and clinked cold glasses of beverages in celebrations. A tall gentlemen of nondescript clothing and face was seated at the bar, a whiskey set atop a coaster next to him, his head turned towards a shorter man, a blonde-haired, green eyed scientist, evidenced by his carelessly hanging employee badge, pinched on his slacks in forgotten woes. The name on the tag read in stark lettering "Doctor Wyatt Pendelum" alongside "Head of Radioactive Technology".

"Old enough to be displayed in a museum, " the other was saying. Dr. Wyatt Pendelum raised a brow at the stranger, picking up his beer to swallow a mouthful before sighing.

"You must understand I have no reason for such an...antique." Pendelum disuaded.

"Aye, but a boy physically and mentally, with something a little... heh... special to him," the stranger countered. Pendelum forgot about the lady at the counter filling his drink in favor of arching an eyebrow in surprise. A boy?

"A boy with what?" Pendelum questioned.

"He's never been awake since 1919," chortled the man, "but I can tell he's developed quite the asset. If I ever woke him up. Teenager with the ability to manipulate water. You say you have no reason for him, but he's worth a hefty penny with the right training. There's a little crescent moon on his shoulder that I've been working on eventually removing. I inherited the lad from my grandfather."

"Why remove a birthmark?" Pendelum sighed, returning to his drink, "I'm not interested at the moment. But a colleague would be. At Swinging Sears Warehouse you said? He'll meet you there, if I exchange the contact."

The stranger smirked and nodded, paying for his drink with a saucy wink to the bartender before heading back to the warehouse to check on the little inherited toy form his grandfather. His father was the one to have finally figured out a radioactive chemical makeup that sparked the water manipulation, as evidenced by the teenager's strange water particles coating his skin despite being frozen rock solid.

A strange one, but he couldn't wait to profit off this heirloom.



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