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Salazar Slytherin

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Salazar Slytherin

Post by Aspen_Noir on 7th December 2017, 2:38 am

Warning: This is an EXTREMELY OP (over-powered) character. It is understood that he might never be played and might be for showcase only.

Name: Salazar Severus Serena Slytherin
Titles: Lord Slytherin, Hogwart's Founder, Guardian of Atlantis, Gaia's Champion, Knight and Sorcerer of the Round Table, Prince of Hell, High Archangel of Heaven, and Lord of Middle Earth
Age: 1,678 (After Hogwarts has been built)
2,712 (When Harry Potter is attending his 2nd year)
Race: Atlantian
Gender: Born male but can be female
Blood Status: Magical
Spoken Languages: Atlantian, Olde English, English, Parseltongue, and Welsh
Height: Always 6 foot

Generally: Black hair that touches the floor (usually pulled up into a braided bun) with bangs and framing pieces. Green eyes (refer to Neuro from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro). Lightly tanned skin, but still considered pale. Usually in a white poet shirt with the Slytherin crest where a breast pocket would be, black breeches, knee-high dragon skin boots with mithril toed tips, and (optionally) a dragon skin jacket.

Atlantian: White-silver hair with highlights of green, black, red, and blue (same length). Usually half-up with braids that are intertwined with a circlet. White shirt that flows like a poet shirt, but has four tails like traditional Chinese garb, and has the Slytherin family crest on the center of the chest; white flowing pants; and, white flats. His tattoos are lit up in a flowing green (same as his eye color).

When Lucifer is in control: Face claim is Lucifer from the TV show Lucifer with Sharingan eyes
When Amenadiel is in control: FC is Amenadiel from the TV show Lucifer with Rinnegan eyes

For the first years of his life, it was normal for anyone that lived on Atlantis. Atlantis was a city of magic, technology, trade, and equality. Many types of beings lived on Atlantis, all of which were labeled "Atlantians". Everything was normal, until his mother (Irenalia Slytherin) was pregnant with his baby brother. It was known since not long after the pregnancy started that it was a delicate one. So they took every precaution they could, but they weren't prepared for the humans on the main land. Humans on the main land were beginning to disrupt the equality on Atlantis and vie for the power that Atlantians and Atlantis had. They wanted magic for themselves. In one of the scuffles, his mother was hurt and put into premature labor. His baby brother, Salazar Abraxus Avangeline Slytherin, survived. His mother did not. He was 987.

It was not too long after that his father (Salazar Cornelius Cassius Slytherin) began to show signs of what his wife's death caused. He began to verbally tell Salazar Severus that he blamed him. If only he hadn't asked them for a sibling, then this would have never happened. As the years progressed -- humans had backed off for a time after the backlash that Cornelius had reigned upon them in his first bit of grief -- Cornelius began to abuse Salazar. It started with more verbal insults and gabs, then slaps and hits. But as Salazar's power grew, Cornelius did more and more especially things to make sure Salazar's power was weak -- such as draining him of blood or putting dark and painful power bindings on him. Thankfully, to Salazar, Cornelius never touched Abraxus.

Until one day, Cornelius did and it made Salazar snap. Salazar went full force against Cornelius, beat him, claimed the Slytherin Headship as his own, and kicked Cornelius out of Atlantis. Atlantians approved, and they would have done it themselves if not for the Slytherin family being the most powerful in warfare and defense. Instead, they always made sure Cornelius wasn't in contact with Abraxus as much as possible, which wasn't as possible for Salazar because he was Cornelius' heir. But healers were always at the ready to help him, and did.

But with Cornelius gone, humans thought that they could go at Atlantis again. Instead, Atlantis made the first move before the humans could. One by one, Atlantians left Atlantis and did their best -- many succeded, some did not -- to blend in on the main land. Salazar was tasked with burying Atlantis in the ocean for he had the power to do so, and it was his family's duty to protect Atlantis as its Guardian. So, he sunk it then hid its secret from all so it couldn't be found by the power-hungry humans that made them hide it in the first place. Then he left onto his own journey. He was 1,589.

On this journey, he met Godric Gallifrey Gryffindor, which led to a conclusion everyone knows as the creation of Hogwarts. He was 1,670.

When Salazar met Godric, Godric had already recruited Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw. However, Godric had been alone while Helga and Rowena were off searching for a suitable place on a lay-line. Godric had been searching for more people to help their cause in building a school but had gotten into trouble along the way with some bandits. Salazar stepped in to help Godric after recognizing the magic in the man that he wasn't using. They became fast friends.

It only took the four of them two years to build Hogwarts, most of the time used to debate the plans of the castle and the location (which at the time Helga and Rowena had reduced to five places, one of which was the location of Stonehenge). After it was built, it took another year to get it furnished with furnishings and students. Students were retrieved by each of the four, following the rumors and trails of magic to potential students or going to the few families they knew that practiced and passed down the knowledge and gift of magic. They also manage to find other teachers as well.

It would be a few more years after this, that Salazar and Godric would admit their feelings to one another, and later to Helga and Rowena as their closest friends and honorary sisters. They were to be bonded one year later. However, his father Cornelius ruined that plan.

Cornelius locked Salazar in the fabled Chamber of Secrets (which was to be a ritual room for his family magics) in a room that can be accessed through the mouth of the statue (which is Cornelius in poetic justice). The room is filled with crystals and a 666 part runic-ward structure. In the middle is a stone table, upon which Salazar lays asleep. His power fuels the crystals that fuel the ward, and his blood steadily falls from slit wrists to steadily lock him into the ward structure and fuel it with the magic in his blood.

To Godric, Rowena, and Helga, Cornelius locks them in an invisible portrait in the Great Hall, so they can watch all the students come and go. So they could watch their only hopes pass them by, ignore them in their plight, and suffer. However, the students and teachers who forced him out of the school didn't know what he had done, and they could never find any clue as to where the four founders disappeared to. And they would never find Cornelius to make him answer what had happened.

This would become the feud between Slytherin and Gryffindor about blood purity in which Slytherin would be exiled. Because when Cornelius came in, he exalted upon his belief that there is such a thing as blood purity. Cornelius and Salazar were the purest because they were true Atlantians, even if Salazar was tainted by his love of Godric and of all magicals. Everyone else was mud. Humans were filthy, muddy things and their blood equally so. Everyone who had magic was a mudblood.

Salazar was 1,678 when he was locked up in the Chamber of Secrets.

Slytherin family magic: Blood, Puppetry, Ritual, Song, Soul, Parselmagic
A member of the Slytherin family is mature when they reach 500 years. To be prepared to see the world once they turn of age, they begin training at the age of 8. Salazar began at 6.

At the age of 18, they wear their first puppet. They must create their own puppet with wood from a magical tree they are in tune with, their own hair, and their own blood. In preparation for their companion, a Slytherin will forever be in the body of a puppet. This is because a normal body cannot hold more than one soul. In addition, Slytherin's have used this to their advantage: i.e. one man army. By learning expert control over puppetry, Slytherin's began to control multiple puppets and use them as their own personal armies, as well as learning to keep their soul anchored to one spot while using their body to fight. Salazar can control up to 1,000 (after his companion ritual), which is helped by the fact each of his has a soul of someone that would have passed on, but didn't wish to. Also, because of his extreme power levels (which is elevated by his companion).

At the age of 25, (if they are successful in puppetry) a member of the Slytherin family goes through a ritual to determine the companion of their soul. This companion is an angel or a demon. This is practiced because Slytherin's are born with appetizing souls to demons and angels (demons want to eat it and angels wish to have it). Salazar's companion was Lucifer, Fallen Archangel, Lord of Hell. Cornelius' was Amenadiel, High Archangel, Lord of Heaven. When Salazar beat Cornelius, Amenadiel left Cornelius, disgusted at his host and went to Salazar. Since then, tensions between Heaven and Hell have dissipated to a low simmer verses the boiling point it had been.

For the next 475 years, the member of the Slytherin Family will learn absolute control with their companion. Also, how to allow for the companion to take over (which is the reason they agree to the deal to be soul-bonded). And how to use their companions powers.

Song magic is how a member of the Slytherin family uses their now elevated powers, uses their companions powers, and operates the one man army. An incantation would be too much and far too complicated to make. So song magic fueled by emotions and will allows for more leeway to use such explosive power.

Soul magic allows him to see someone's soul and manipulate souls to a degree. With it, he can manipulate his own however he wishes (this is needed for the puppetry).

Parselmagic: Using incantations, rituals, or Power Words in Parseltongue to, generally, perform serpentine or serpentine related magics. Related magics include defense, one-strikes, and poisons. However, Power Words may include things similar to lumos, accio, and nox.

Powers from Lucifer and Amenadiel:
From Lucifer, Salazar can command the demons of Hell, he gains the Sharingan, and he gains a protector in the form of a Hellhound that sits in his shadow.

Sharingan: Tsukiyomi (to put an illusion in the minds eye, making it harder if impossible to dispel, and can be used to torture someone by torturing their mind as well as speeding up the time in the illusion to make 72 hours of torture be felt in a span of 5 seconds which can result in death), Amaterasu (black never-ending, never-stopping fire that is almost impossible to put out), Kamui (worm-hole maker and the way to put out Amaterasu) and Susanoo (ultimate defense that appears as a green film following the lines of the body about two inches away and moves with the body; or as an independent medieval armor with sword in shield that is green and see-through and ranges from human size to the size of a skyscraper)

From Amenadiel, Salazar can command the angels of Heaven, he gains the Rinnegan, and access to the Azrael's Blade (a.k.a. the Flaming Sword and the Blade of Death).

Rinnegan: This gives him more possibilities with soul magic. He can see someone's true name and see who or what (like magical objects that are soul-binding) someone is connected to (think red strings of fate, but instead of just their love its the strings to everyone they have connected with or has connected with them or what someone may have soul-linked to). He can also manipulate these ties or sever them.

Other powers:
Will magic: The basis of all magic feats. Atlantians did not need focuses except to show someone what their magic feels like the first time or to perform great feats (e.g. song magic).

Shadow magic: This is partially gleaned from his connection to his Hellhound (Vishka) and expanded upon it. He can use shadows at will for transportation, transmutation (shadow puppets), etc.

Gaia's Champion:
Salazar is Gaia's Champion. Gaia is Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and Mother Magic. She is the one who gifted magic to the Atlantians and later to the humans. Because of his status as Prince of Hell and High Archangel of Heaven, he was given the title Lord of Middle Earth (Middle as in between Heaven and Hell) because he was the glue that connected all three realms. It was also because of this and his power that Gaia chose him as her champion. She also chose him because in his heart and mind he recognized where magic came from, who blessed people with magic, and believed in her. So she made him her champion.

Knight and Sorcerer of the Round Table:
During Hogwarts beginning years, the four founders were pulled into the slowly raging conflict of magic versus not. They ended up on the side of Merlin and King Arthur. While Arthur had created peace many years before, things were stirring up again. It wouldn't be long after the four's disappearance that the internal war between magical and not came to a head and it was declared the two would remain separate despite Merlin, Arthur, and the Round Table's wishes. It was determined that it would be safer for all if they separated.
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