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Sirius Ladradir

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Sirius Ladradir

Post by Aspen_Noir on 6th December 2017, 8:14 pm

Full Name: Sirius Ladradir
Creature type: Fae - Seelie Sidhe
Date of Birth: June, 23, 770
Age: 1245 (Appears 20)
Home Town: Seelie sithen
Current Home Town: Romania
What Grade are you in?: Sophomore

Hair: Black, shoulder length
Eye color: Green
Body type: Lithe, swimmers build
Height: 5'11"
Dress Style: Mix between casual and formal
Creature characteristics: Pointed ears, pale skin, eyes that glow faintly with a rim of silver around the pupil and a rim of sea blue on the outer edge

Character Likes: Logic, tricks, loyalty, trust, books, violin, martial arts, dancing, chocolate, strawberries
Character dislikes: Emotion, idiots, electric violin, laziness, alcohol, watermelon, white chocolate
Strengths: Loyal, smart, a black belt in Aikido, a red belt in Enshin Kaikan, a black belt in Kenjutsu, Seelie Sidhe magic (glamour, compulsion, summer seasonal affinity, accelerated healing, immortality)
Weaknesses: Emotions, iron, physical strength, Winter, alcohol (no tolerance), drugs (no tolerance)
Quirks: Stubborn, Death before Dishonor, Never Forget a Debt, Change is Good, Glamor is Free, (depending upon the situation) Honor is a Lie, doesn't lie (but will give half-truths and omit things)

Sirius's childhood was normal - he was loved, taught Seelie things, wasn't abused or anything. Normal. Until he turned one hundred. The ages of one hundred to five hundred are when teens begin to explore dating. Sirius wasn't interested in any of the girls. Then he slowly began to notice that he was staring at guys, specifically their assets. He began to realize he was gay and freaked. Sirius stopped talking to everyone, even his parents. He only answered questions in one word answers, sometimes more if it was needed by someone of higher rank. After a while, nobody who had been his friend were trying anymore. Sirius after coming out of his funk didn't try to become friends with them again, if they could give up on him like that he could forget them. Only his parents didn't give up, but he could tell they had been close to it.

Just as Sirius had begun to bond with his parents again, they had been sent on a mission - his parents were guards and soldiers. They never came back. He had been told that they had died for the crown, but it didn't make it any better. He would never see his parents again. Sirius had been two hundred.

He was sent to live with his closest cousins and he had reclused himself again. This time he added barely eating to the list. It wasn't on purpose, he just barely had any appetite.

When he was 257, Sirius began a deeper training with his Sidhe and Seelie powers along with watching the guards go through beginner training with knew recruits. He would record the guard training in a book, which was easy since they repeated everything daily. He also made sure to put down little notes of things the trainers said, mainly tips. Then he began to teach himself. He would go watch the training, make notes, train himself, train in his magics, read something new, then sleep. With an occasional meal in between.

When they began training with weapons, he would do his records but he didn't train himself. Training with weapons was a delicate thing and he didn't want to truly hurt himself, so he didn't. He really wanted to though, but he also didn't have access to even the training weapons and would be watched if he bought something like that.

Not long after the guards began weapon training, it became Sirius's one hundredth year with his cousins. Sirius began to show signs of life again. Or at least that's what it seemed to others, to Sirius he was putting on his mask. This was the beginning of his trickster mask because the cold inside had finally settled - there was no turning back time to save his parents or fixing those years of isolation from his parents.

By the age of five hundred - when Sirius stopped aging while appearing to be 18 in human years - Sirius had perfected his mask. After his parents death his cousins didn't try to force him to find a girl to settle down with because he had been mourning - plus he hadn't seemed like a good candidate for anyone, so they waited. So along with perfecting his mask came marriage meetings with several fey women. He went to the meetings but never came back with a potential wife candidate. After five years of unsuccessful attempts to be married off, Sirius went to visit a healer. He also made sure everyone knew. He had told the healer several half-truths and came out with "sad" news, which he made sure someone heard him talking about to himself. Ergo he spread his own rumor about being infertile, and the healer agreed.

He found himself pitied, but he didn't care. Sirius put himself into more magic training and studies while keeping up with the guard training unit he had started with. Many assumed he didn't sleep, which would be true for most days. Sirius's goal was to make sure he was well rounded: fitness, fighting, magic, intellect, court, etc.

When he reached the age of 1000 years - a few hundred years since he spread the rumor of him being infertile - Sirius left the sithen. He only stayed until he knew everyone believed the rumor (at the least those who were close relatives who could force him to marry) and until he was allowed to leave.

As of the age 1000, he could finally roam the human world as he liked. So for the next 100 years, Sirius traveled everywhere. He taught himself new languages and he found martial arts. He ended up with black and red belts in three martial arts in between his travels and studies.

When he was around the age of 1,100, Sirius was called back to the sithen. Dealings with the Irish and other fey were not going well, so he was wanted at home. He went, but not long after they were kicked out of Ireland. He felt useless. He wasn't a high enough royal to have any say to try and help them keep their home, so he felt useless. It didn't matter that he had felt suffocated by the sithen and its rules most of the time, it was where he was born and raised. It was where his parents graves were and their old home. He found himself developing a small grudge towards the higher ups for not being able to keep them home.

Everyone moved to America. If it wasn't for magic, it would have taken far too long. Though Sirius didn't stay long after the move, too resentful. He went traveling again.

Sirius put himself into more training and studies once more. And since he had finished with his martial arts training as far as he could, Sirius proceeded to combine his fighting styles and magic together. It was relatively easy. It also helped he kept a record of all he was taught, thereby creating a book on his own style of fighting.

Over the years in between training, he would visit a new country for a month or two each year. For a time after Sirius had visited every country he was interested in (which was most of them), he didn't go and visit them a second time. He waited a decade or two before going on his rounds again. To see how everything changed was extremely interesting. He learned several more languages and different dialects/versions for the ones he knew.

It also helped that Sirius was not high ranked in the court which meant he had plenty of free time beyond his limited duties, which he still felt a little heart-ache over but most of his resentment over the current monarch was gone. It had been over 100 years since then after all.

Ever since the early 1900s, Sirius had been school hopping as they appeared. Learning more and more over time. He also took the time, once it became acceptable, to date men discretely. At the least to the ignorance of all fey.

Sirius had been going to a college in London when he heard about the school in Romania. So he decided to go and see what it was all about, and he had fallen in love with the place. So, he transferred over.

Name: Belladonna Ladradir
Age: 3,459 (appears 36)
Creature or Human: Seelie Sidhe
Living or dead: Dead

Name: Voshni Ladradir
Age: 3, 672
Human or Creature: Seelie Sidhe
Living or Dead: Dead

Any siblings?: No

Familiar: Nox, non-magical black kitten
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: Art

Verses: Previously on Luna Vermiculus
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Just Hired

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