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Rules & Regulations

Post by Tyler on 30th April 2015, 6:14 pm

Welcome, Welcome! Obviously, you have some interest in joining our beloved site, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now. Well, I dearly hope you do join, if only to find out what we do and who we are. If you have any questions, you can email the founder of Muse at GODGRYFFIN@GMAIL.COM for more information.
The very first thing you need to do is create your account. Not to worry, your account is not a character creation, it's yourself. Whether it's a username or an alias or even your real name, you need to sign it up! It has to be more than four letters initially, but after you register, you can later change your name to a four (or even three) letter account name. Now that that part is out of the way, just head over to the Introduction Board and start a new thread. Introduce yourself! You don't have to give us all the details of your life, but we like to know your age and experience in the world of writing, roleplay, and graphics. That way we might be of some use to you in the future. After your introduction an admin -or Partner- will be able to promote you so that you can then use the rest of the board.

We prefer you to be at least thirteen (13) years of age to use the Site. By entering this site, you consent that you are, in fact, 13 years of age or older and no responsibility falls on this site for any images and content you find here. Should you actually be under the age of 13 and registering with us, we can not be held accountable for anything you see that is above the restrictions of your age limit. We take care to prevent anyone from under the age of 17 from seeing mature rated content, but we are not faultless. That being said there will be mature content somewhere on this site, as adults are registered here as well.
You are solely responsible for all activities conducted through your account/User ID, even if your account may have been compromised through a friend or other. By giving away passwords, you are letting the risk of whatever may happen fall onto your shoulders, so keep your password to yourself. No admin/mod will ever ask for it and therefore, you should never give it to anyone claiming to be an admin or mod.
Please understand that there are limitless characters you can create here on The Muse for the purpose of roleplaying in our area.

If you post a roleplay with mature content, on your Title of the topic, include a [M] for that indication. PG-13 would be [PG13] Everything else can be left unmarked. Mature content would include, but is not limited to, extreme gore, extreme violence, murder, sexual mention or detail, etc. To check out the rest of our rating system, please see this [LINK]. As of 4-30-2015 any and all content is allowable, so long as any parties involved to the roleplay are in agreeance to them beforehand and a Partner is alerted to what might occur in that roleplay.
Godmodding: This is when one handler actively roleplays another character's actions that are not their own. That being said, do not GodMod anyone's character in the roleplay area without their express permission. If you GM, at the end of the post you'll need to put a note that you have permission.

Inappropriate GM-response.
Tyler wrote:Alex shot an Avada Kedavra at Basil and the Gryffindor dropped dead.[/i]

Appropriate GM-response.
Tyler wrote:Alex shot an Avada Kedavra at Basil and the Gryffindor dropped dead.[/i]

OOC: Expressive Permission to GM Basil from Niemand.

Pretty simple. Keep it PG-13, but if you must showcase something of nudity level, censor it and mark as [M] in Topic Title. NO mature content can be allowed as an AVATAR or SIGNATURE. What is an Avatar? It's the picture that displays pretty much everywhere you post or are linked on the Muse. Your Signatures appear wherever you post depending on if you put one up.

Click on the PROFILE button in your navigation bar and then locate SIGNATURE in order to edit your signature.
This is a serious matter here on The Muse. We value our strengths on the site in that we allow anyone and everyone to join us and to have maximum fun. Therefore, if you have a critique in mind, do not FLAME (Meaning send hatred worded response) anyone on this site whatsoever. If you are bullying someone whether in post, social media, or through private messaging on to any of our members and you're a member yourself, you WILL be banned from The Muse. If the matter is accidental or lightly considered, a suspension might take place instead.



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