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Behavioral Policies

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Behavioral Policies

Post by Tyler on 10th April 2015, 3:03 pm

TheMuse staff members strive for a friendly, safe environment for members of any and all ages. For us to manage this, we ask that members remain hyper vigilante of any bullying and seek contact with an admin or moderator if the victim is uncomfortable or the bullying persists to your knowledge.

Reports are Private Messages sent to either Supervisors or Partners (or both) with any information about inappropriate conduct on the site.

Simply put in the title -FILING REPORT- and in the content of the message please include the member you are reporting against and what the exact problem is, try to include screenshots or links of any evidence of their harassment or misbehavior.

What can be classified as bullying? The disrespectful acts of discrimination, harassment, hate speech, and negative verbal or nonverbal behavior towards another member. TheMuse does not discriminate members based on age, gender, race, nationality, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or even background.

Harassment - Deliberate unwanted contact through threads, conversations, private messages, etc is considered harassment when the other individual expresses a desire for you to stop.

Discrimination - Actively barring others from participating based on any group, class, or category with the intention that they do not belong. This can also be the case if another member goes out of their way to comment negatively against another member's

Breaking a Rule Offense Levels:

  • First Level - WARNING - You will be sent an official warning through Private Message by an admin or moderator. If this is the case you only receive this one warning before being moved to the second level of punishment. We do not have very many rules, so this is a serious matter. Official Warnings will have the title "OFFICIAL WARNING" on the title of the private message and can only be given by a moderator (through approval of an admin) or an admin.
  • Second Level - WRITTEN UP - You will be sent an official report through Private Message by an admin and an admin only. If this is the case you will not be considered for potential moderator or administrative work on the Muse and you might be prohibited from any special events or awards for 6 months. Reports are titled "REPORT NOTICE" on the title of the private message and can only be given by an admin.
  • Third Level - SUSPENSION - You will be restricted from posting or viewing the board for a duration of days, depending on the severity of the rule you've broken not once, but two different times. You could also be suspended without the first two levels if the matter is serious enough.
  • Fourth Level - BANNED - You will be removed from the site with no way of registering again if you commit an offense this serious, or have committed the same rule breaking three times to make it to this last level.



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