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Nikki Hyde

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Nikki Hyde

Post by Pure Song on 13th August 2014, 1:31 pm

Zombie-Apocalyptic World - Original Character

Full Name: Nicole Amelia Hyde
Age: 18
Birthdate: November 27, 2001
Hometown: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Playby: Laura Spencer
Hair: Shoulder Length Auburn, Messy Bangs
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2”
Weight: 115 lbs
Birthmark: None; Burn scarring on her right side and hip from car accident
Clothing style: Prefers skintight clothing; constantly wearing her colorguard uniforms or leggings and Underarmor beneath her shorts and tee.

Likes: Swimming, Dancing, Physical Exercise, Camping
Dislikes: Rudeness, Kid Treatment, Being Yelled At, People who 'play the field'
Nicknames: Nikki (does not like Nicole, please call her this), Niknak, Nak
Allergies: Penicillin (Causes Anaphylaxis)
Belongings: Four colorguard unis and her practice clothes, backpack, laptop and charger, iPhone and charger, water bottle, Saber and Flag.



  • * Arthur Hyde
    * 48


  • *Louise Hyde


  • * Sandy Hyde
    * 21


  • * Lionel Hyde
    * 14


  • None


  • None


  • * Alfred Bodie
    * 78


  • * Melissa Bodie
    * 75


Arthur Hyde was abandoned as an infant and became a ward of the state of Kentucky. He was always a bright lad, and though he was bounced around foster homes, he always did his best to make good of any situation. It was in his final foster home that he met Louise, the girl next door. The two became fast friends over a love of reading and learning, and when Alfred went off to the University of Kentucky, Louise followed a year later. The two finished their bachelors (him in computer engineering, her in child education) and were promptly engaged and married. Alfred was warmly welcomed into Louise' family and the whole family is close with the maternal grandparents. The two lived in Kentucky for the births of all three of their children, and still live in the first house they bought together.


Nikki is the middle child of three and often the thoughtful buffer between way-too-serious Sandy and way-too-hyper Lionel. She had a very calm childhood and was able to throw herself into her two passions – school and dance. She often spent time with her father, who worked from home; she would stay up late having philosophical discussions from about the age of eight on. She was always pleased to learn something new and as such picked up the skills to learn and understand easily, as well as a drive to find explanations for everything. Being older than most of her classmates, due to her late birthday holding her back a year, she has a little trouble associating with her peers and is quieter, but very accustomed to taking a leadership role. She is currently captain of her Colorguard squad, and very skilled with her saber and flag.


Nikki was far from home when the world went mad. The eighteen year old was at a Winterguard competition in Wichita, Kansas, having come with her squad to the National Championships. During the warmups, someone had burst into the audience and ripped into another's arm – suddenly the whole gymnasium was in a panic, and her team scattered. Nikki could only fight for her life using her Saber, praying that others would have the sense to follow her towards the back of the school. She and a few other Guard members took shelter, but the numbers slowly dwindled as people tried to sneak out and were bitten, or went mad and killed themselves, including Nikki's best friend Sam. Nikki is trapped in a school, far from home with cell towers so backed up she just got a text her brother sent at the beginning of it all, three days ago, begging for her to be okay, with a group of people who refuse to leave “until the army comes to save us”. Thing is, food's starting to run short, and Nikki doesn't think anyone's going to come....


created by tyler.
Pure Song

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