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Piper Blackburn

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Piper Blackburn

Post by Guest on 11th June 2014, 7:26 pm

Legal Name
First Name: Piper
Middle Name: Anne
Last Name: Blackburn
Suffix: 1st
Nickname: Pipes, Carrot-top

Birth Records
Birthdate: 17/10/1979
Birthplace: North London
Blood type: O+
Blood status: Halfblood
Ethnicity: British - Spanish
Current Home: Downtown London

Grandmother(s): Maria Hernandez- Alive, Anne Blackburn- Deceased
Grandfather(s): Jose Luis Rodriguez - Deceased,  William Blackburn- Deceased
Aunt(s): None
Uncle(s): None
Cousin(s): None
Brother(s)/Sister(s): Louis Blackburn (ten years old)
Godmother/Godfather: None
Other: None
Mother: Natalia Hernandez
Father: Erik Blackburn -Deceased

Mother’s History:

Natalia was born a half-blood to her spanish parents. She was born as an only-child in London. Her mother was a witch while her father was the other way around, just a simple Spaniard muggle. When she became old enough, the Hogwarts letter arrived at her doorstep and she finally found out who she was. Her abilities. Her father didn't approve because he was afraid of what the neighbors thought but Maria did not care, not one bit. About a year later, Luis died of a heart attack. They both mourned his lost. In the funeral, Natalia met her future husband Erik Blackburn, a simple british muggle she ended up marrying and having two kids. Piper and Louis Blackburn. Shortly after having Louis, her husband got sick and eventually he died, never finding out about the magical properties his wife and children had.

Father’s History:

Erik Blackburn was born to Anne and William Blackburn in downtown London. They were city-folk. He was normal, average muggle. When he was about in mid-summer to eight-grade, he went to a funeral. He didn't actually knew Luis but it was William's friend. He met there Natalia and were friends. Erik thought all of his life that Natalia was normal. He only saw her in summer and they became good friends. Shortly after Natalia graduated high-school, they became something else and Erik went on to college, graduating with a degree on English literature. Later they married, had Piper and Louis. About a year after Louis being born, he died and never knew about the truth.

Hair Length: Shoulder length
Hair Color:  Ginger
Hair Style: Curly
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Body: Petite
Height: Short
Weight: Healthy
Birthmark: A black mole above her lips
Scar: None
Other: Has a lot of freckles on her face.

About Me

Piper had a pretty different childhood ever since she was born. She never went to school since she was home-schooled by her dad and after he died, her mother took charge while she took care of baby Louis. She really didn't remember her father's dead, only how it felt like. Piper missed him, of course, and she often got bullied by the snobby neighbor kids, leading her to eventual fights. Piper could defend herself, even without her magic.

Grandma helped out of course, she even moved in with them and the house was always pretty crowded with them. Just four people and it got crowded. Maria always brought different books, magical books. About dragons, witchcraft and fairies. Piper always knew, deep down, that she was different and she found out officially when she was twelve. A letter came in by an owl and that was the start of her new life. She had her new home now, Slytherin.

Favorite thing to do in free time: Play pranks
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Likes: Jokes, pranks and quidditch
Dislikes: The dark, frogs, being lied to, cowards, bullies and snakes.
Future Animangus: An otter.
Quirks: Plays with her hair when thinking, bites her nails when nervous, hums to herself if bored, draws random doodles on any piece of paper before her and always carries a pencil or pen.
Hobbies: Drawing, playing pranks and quidditch
Weaknesses: The dark, slimy animals, quiet people
Worst class: History of Magic
Best class: Transfiguration

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