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Alexander James

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Alexander James

Post by Tyler on 20th May 2014, 5:06 pm

Alex Matthew James

Legal Name
First Name: Alexander
Middle Name: Matthew
Last Name: James
Suffix: 1st
Nickname: Lexi, Alex

Birth Records
Birthdate: 04/01/1981
Birthplace: South London
Blood type: AB-
Blood status: Halfblood
Ethnicity: British
Current Home: Downtown London

Grandmother(s): Kristen Rodgers - Deceased, Amayroni James - Deceased
Grandfather(s): William James - Deceased, Leo Rodgers - Deceased
Aunt(s): Alycia Rodgers - Deceased
Uncle(s): None
Cousin(s): None
Brother(s)/Sister(s): America James-Rodgers (4 years older) - Deceased
Godmother/Godfather: None
Other: None
Mother: Angelika James (nee Rodgers) - Deceased
Father: Michael James

Mother’s History:
Angelika Rodgers was born a halfblood to Kristen and Leo, both of whom were light wizards and very supportive of their daughter. Angelika’s mother was a pureblood American wizard who had moved to London and married Leo, having Angelika and Alycia. Angelika, a Gryffindor, graduated Hogwarts and moved to America as a Healer. She met Alex’s father while working a case that had involved muggles. Angelika fell in love with Michael, later falling pregnant with America James-Rodgers. The two married when America was two years old and then had their son Alexander two years later. Angelika died giving birth to her only son and youngest child.
Father’s History:
Michael James was born a muggle to Amayroni and William in a small town in New York. Michael was a high school dropout who worked as a mechanic in the town they lived in. He absolutely doted on America and proposed to Angelika two years after his daughter's birth. When they discovered a second birth, the both had been ecstatic. That was until his wife passed away giving birth to Alexander. Michael did his best to keep it together for both of his kids, but he felt slightly resentful to Alex and left some of the caretaking to his daughter. When America passed away in an armed robbery with Alex coming out alive, he grew hateful.

Hair Length: Short
Hair Color:  Brown
Hair Style: Disarrayed
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Body: Scrawny
Height: Short
Weight: Underweight
Birthmark: A little bit below the left elbow
Scar: Several, one more prominently behind his right ear from his father.
Other: Wears brown-colored muggle contacts. As a child, wore glasses.

About Me
Alex had a terrible childhood, quite frankly. His father loathed him after the death of his mother when Alex was born, and the feeling intensified when America, Alex's sister, passed away in a robbery. To put everything bluntly, his father hit Alex. A lot. From the time Alex was four years old to ten, his father gave him unjust punishments and belittled the boy. In a surprising result, Alex went to Hogwarts in a confident manner. He exuded sarcasm and wit, hiding behind a facade. Child Services had taken Alex out of his home by the time he turned ten, and he would have been put in an orphanage had he not received his letter and escaped into the Wizarding World. He was placed back with his father the summer of his first year leading into second, and as a result, the physical evidence piled up too much that Basil discovered the truth.

Alex had made a friend when he was four years old, back then, who he had no idea bore magical blood as well. He never told his friend, Basil Davidson (two years older), about the abuse, and always did his best to hide it. When he ran into Basil at Hogwarts, the older boy barely recognized Alex, who had changed his hair from blonde to brown and traded glasses for brown contacts. Alex was sorted into Slytherin, and Basil into Gryffindor, which put the two at odds with one another for an entire year. Alex put on a lie that he was a pureblood to others in Slytherin, and when Basil discovered the lie, a blackmail war started. By the end of the year, however, Basil found out just who Alex was. They reconciled, though still argued quite considerably, Alex's personality changed in such a way that sarcasm, insults, and hiding things just became a habit.

By second year summer leading into third year, Basil's older brother, Peter, took Alex in as his guardian after some truth about the fact Alex was supposed to stay with his abusive father still. Alex's father mysteriously passed away in a murder that no one could find answers to, but Alex was unaware of this fact. Now, he's just trying to get used to the fact someone knows what happened to him and that they even care enough to bother him to eat and sleep.  

Favorite thing to do in free time: Read
Favorite Color: Green
Likes: Reading, Chess, Thinking up random ploys
Dislikes: Being manipulated himself, bees, being blinded by anything whether spell or muggle wear around his eyes (therefore hates losing glasses and thus wears his contacts)
Future Animangus: Feline -- Probably a red tabby cat
Quirks: Taps fingers when lying, likes to stand on the tips of his toes often, sleeps on his stomach with his face suffocated by a pillow.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing down ideas and plots, Keeping Basil from dying
Weaknesses: Humiliation, Ticklish (extremely so), Crowds
Worst class: Potions
Best class: Charms



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