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Roz Turner

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Roz Turner

Post by Pure Song on 6th April 2014, 8:51 pm

Name: Rosamind Lynn Turner
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 26, 1987
Blood Status: Halfblood
Hometown: Ipswich, England

Play by: Jennifer Aniston
Hair: Blonde, Chin-Length with colored tips
Eyes: Gray
Odd Features:
-Roz's hair tips change color due to her Metamorphagus genes
-Roz has permanent little scars around her right eye due to being punched while wearing glasses.
Legally blind by Muggle standards, Roz wears charmed glasses that allow her to see well enough to work and read; she still has poor eyesight, and without her glasses is blind as can be, only able to see blurs. As such, she is very defensive of her glasses and her face.

Ros is part Metamorphangus, and it only manifests in her hair having colored tips; this is how her magic originally manifested and still does, and it still sometimes betrays her control, changing colors when her emotions face an extreme change, shift, or high/low, or when she is very overwhelmed. On her own she can wear any color she likes and tends to wear a color for a full day unless her emotions go extreme and her magic changes it accidentally.

COLOR TABLE (only matters if her hair shifts by its own magic instead of her charms)
Black = fear
Red = angry
Blue = sad
Bright Green = overwhelmed
Pink = embarrassment
Deep Green = regret
Silver = joy
Purple = shock/surprise

Clothing Style: Robes, will wear a purple skater-sleeve shirt and jeans with decorative straps on them. Always wears her Hufflepuff scarf

Emmett Turner: Father, aged 43 - is currently raising his three children alone, works as a Bank Manager and keeps an eye on the Muggle Stock Market. Lives outside of Ipswich - WIZARD.

Linda Turner: Mother, aged 41 - is currently estranged from her family, lives off in Bristol. MUGGLE.

William Turner: Brother, aged 15 - is currently attending school and dreams of being a politician; often scolds his sister to act "normal". HALF-BLOOD, NON MAGIC.

Henry Turner: Brother, aged 4 - is currently a happy child who goes to daycare and prekindergarten. Showing signs of magical prowess. HALF-BLOOD, MAGIC.
Born to Linda and Emmett Turner, Rosamind Lynn Turner is the middle child of three, her big and little brothers being William and Henry. While she was found to have Stargardt’s Disease, a problem that would go on to make her legally blind by the age of nine, Rosamind, or Rosie to her mother and family (Roz to her father), was a happy and cheerful girl who was always trying to help others. The young girl grew up with a mild awareness that there was more to the world than just the normality – sometimes gnomes seemed to appear in the garden, though William told her she was imagining things, and she swore her father’s watch occasionally seemed to show five hands instead of two. She just happily accepted any and all explanations, growing up happy and friendly in a house full of boys.

When Rosie turned seven, however, she noticed her hair was starting to change color. More specifically, her tips were constantly different colors, and she didn’t remember getting them in paint or Kool-Aid. When her hair flashed multiple colors one day when her mother was scolding her, however, her father came out with the truth to his family – he was a Wizard, and there was such thing as magic in the world. William had not inherited it, but Rosie obviously had; to her, it explained everything, from the garden gnomes that truly DID exist to the pictures in her father’s secret books that really DID dance. 

Linda couldn’t handle the magic, couldn’t handle her daughter whirling things through the air when she was upset or making the lights flicker when she was extremely happy; when Rosie was eight, she abandoned her family, leaving Emmett to raise William, Rosie, and infant Henry. William blamed both his father and his little sister; Emmett told them it was his fault. Rosie though, blamed herself. She abandoned her mother’s nickname for her, instead calling herself Roz the way her father did, and she matured, began to grow quiet, though never losing her friendly edge. She focused, trying to learn to keep her magic under control so her mother might come home someday. 

Roz is a little quiet and quirky but cheerful and friendly, always looking to meet more people who appreciate the magic the way she does. The blonde is always changing her hair tips, and sometimes still can’t control the magic that colors her hair. She is hesitant to write home, afraid her brother will write back and scold her, but she tries to keep in contact with her family. Henry has started showing latent magic signs too, taking to “watching the trolls in the garden”, and she hopes that she can one day convince her mother and brother that the world of magic is wonderful – and that she can share it with them too.

School brought out the best in Roz, and she grew to enjoy being around other witches and wizards. One of the first students she met was Casey 'Ace' Aldridge, who quickly became her best friend; they met in Diagon Alley and from the start the two got along. Through mayhem and madness, the two stayed close, along with Grace, a mutual friend. Roz was the cheerful one of the group, always smiling and trying to keep everyone's spirits up.

This was to hide something. Along with her fears for Casey as he grew quiet, Roz was dealing with William, who hated her magic more and more with each passing year. He said nasty things and hurt her verbally, but Roz persevered. When Casey ran away and ended up at her house, she defended him, refusing to let his grandparents to force him into marriage. It was during this 'rescue' of sorts that the fifteen year old realized how much she cared for him, that her feelings had changed. But Casey was dating Grace, so Roz just smiled on - if he was happy, she could be too.

During the summer of sixth year, William finally crossed the line - he hit her, breaking her glasses and causing her to panic and hex him and run away. Casey found her a few hours after she ran away by broom, having sought shelter in Hogsmeade; he and Caius helped to patch her up, with her uncle's aid. William is now in 'therapy' so he will be allowed to stay with his family - part of this therapy being his forced reliving of Roz's memories through Pensieve - and Roz is staying in her room at Hogwarts, along with Casey. She looks forward to one day being a healer, excelling at Charms and DADA, or possibly even becoming an Auror. She treasures her time with Casey and Grace, and is always smiling even still.


created by tyler.
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