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Meet Alfher

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Meet Alfher

Post by Guest on 26th June 2012, 8:05 pm


I'm Alfher Hreodbeorting, very recently dubbed Alfie – so call me Alfie Very Happy

I've read all my life. Well, apart from that shameful little bit at the start when I couldn't even read my own name! Wink I've written stories ever since I first became able to as well. In my childhood, I would write to entertain my brothers and while I can remember absolutely nothing else about my first story, I remember it was called "The Leaves that Crunched Underfoot".

When it comes to poetry, I've found my tendency is to lean towards structured poetry with scansion determined by meter and prosody. I seem to have an overriding addiction to pentametric sonnets (nearly always Shakespearean in format).

As for role-playing, I find that it is most interesting to combine the development of character with the unpredictability of co-authorship; in most story writing, the author is the master of his world and can ordain almost anything and see it happen, but in role-playing, being but one author among many really puts the cat among the pidgeons.

And graphic artistry? The less said about that the better.

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Re: Meet Alfher

Post by Tyler on 26th June 2012, 8:50 pm

Very interesting point of view there. Glad to have you on the site and hopefully you end up liking the Muse. So is there any specific sort of roleplay you prefer? I'm mainly only ever on HP ones.

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Re: Meet Alfher

Post by Guest on 29th June 2012, 8:54 am

Thank you :-) It's good to be here; I'm glad Katie directed me here.

You know, I really thought there was until Katie mentioned her pirating RP. Normally, pirates and anything even remotely related to pirates bore the pants of me, but actually it's turning out to be pretty interesting.

I think some things related to writing in general apply to writing in a role play context, such as scenarios that aren't possible "in real life". To be interesting, role playing and writing generally have to be diversions from the norm. Otherwise, just go and do it XD

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Re: Meet Alfher

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